Husband Goes Grocery Shopping And Brings Home Giant Block Of Cheese. The reason is so Funny!

When Nikki’s husband returned home from the grocery store with a massive block of Parmesan cheese, she was filled with questions. What possessed him to purchase such a large chunk of cheese? Nikki’s husband walks into the kitchen with what appears to be a half-wheel block of the expensive Italian cheese in the TikTok video of their exchange. He explains that he attempted to contact her while in the store but was unable to do so, so he “made an executive decision” after seeing the price tag.

After she questions him about what they will do with so much cheese, he immediately tells her, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” “I saw something labeled with a price and purchased it,” he says. This is due to the fact that the block of cheese cost $10.44! He believes the block weighs around 20 pounds, but they decided to weigh it. Nikki’s husband explains his purchasing decision and his reaction when he learns how much he paid.

He can’t hide his joy when he discovers the block of cheese weighs 44 pounds! We think his purchase decision was a good one, and Nikki must have agreed because she captioned her video, “That’s my man… and I’m going to stick by him.” Other TikTok users concur. “$10.44 for 44 POUNDS of good parm is INSANE!” wrote one viewer. You can’t get 44 ounces for that price. That’s incredible. He made the correct decision. Freeze some of it…”

“On average, that would cost around $600-700, so he definitely scored,” another viewer commented. “That’s quite impressive!” “He is overjoyed. “I felt him with that last laugh,” another said. From now on, it will undoubtedly be a family story. “That is one hell of a deal!” said one viewer. That’s something I’d be bragging about for the rest of my natural life.”

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