We all have fears, but this man received the worst surprise of his life.

Fear is a natural emotion that we have all felt at some point in our lives. Different people are terrified of various things. While some people are afraid of spiders or other insects, others are afraid of heights, enclosed spaces, and a variety of other things.

But what one man discovered when he entered his home one day left him completely stunned and fleeing for his life. Once he opened the door, he discovered two massive snakes lowering themselves from the ceiling in the living room.

“As I walked to the back through the hallway, just right in front of me were these two huge snakes, intertwined and wiggling their heads around looking at me,” Mr Hyatt said, describing the shocking moment that made his blood run cold. “I was a little stunned.” Fortunately, he was able to swat one of the reptiles away with a broom and guide it out the front door. He then took to Facebook to tell his friends about his experience.

“Yes, this is what I arrived home to today. “I got one out (after some violent hand-to-hand combat), but the other is somewhere in the house. “Would anyone like to sleep over at my house tonight?” “How would you react if you were in such a terrifying situation?” Would you feel comfortable living in that house again?

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