When Julia Roberts offered Richard Gere the role of “Pretty Woman,” all it took was three words to seal the deal.

Fans of classic melodramas would have preferred a different cast. Pretty Woman was released 32 years ago. Even today, millions of people all over the world enjoy watching the film again and again. Julia Roberts rose to prominence as a result of the dramatization…

Her co-star, Richard Gere, has become a symbol of male virility. Fewer still know that the actor flatly refused to film the final scene. Despite the fact that the screenplay had been emailed to Gere by the film’s director, Harry Marshall, the actor was unimpressed with the plot. Edward Lewis’ persona, according to Richard, is lifeless and boring.

The producer tried everything to persuade the actor to change his mind, including offering him large sums of money and the opportunity to change the story. But it was all in vain. Then Harry sent Julia Roberts to Gere in the hopes that she would win his heart.

Richard’s doubts began to surface after listening to the actors converse all night. In addition, when he returned home, he discovered a letter Julia had secretly placed in his pocket. It essentially begged for a “yes” response. Her deft maneuver persuaded Richard to agree. The film was a commercial success, and it received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

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