Baby wins the rap battle without saying a single word.

According to scientists, babies can laugh before they can speak. As a result, the sweet sound of their laughter may serve as a source of joy and communication between the parents and those around them. Brandon C. Thomas and his partner recently welcomed a baby boy, Sam Quentin, into their lives. The father wanted to share some enjoyable moments with his son with his online friends and followers.

Because of the insanely adorable moment, the two’s interaction drew a lot of attention. Since the mother was not present, Thomas and his son, Sam, appeared to be spending some quality father-son time. Thomas had carefully placed the baby on the armchair. Because babies cannot sit alone, he had placed a cushion in the back to support the baby’s spine. The rapper-dad began speaking to the baby.

The song’s lyrics appeared to be amusing. Thomas mentioned how little Sam would poop without warning and asked the child to keep an arm’s length away from him. He told his son that his adorable face would not persuade him to reconsider his decision. When the baby began to laugh, the father continued to rap. Thomas initially wondered if the little one was trying to play with him. However, when he began to repeat the words “get your man,” Sam burst out laughing.

Thomas continued his rap battle with his 5-month-old son. He told Sam that he ate like a king and was looked after by two households. Brandon also stated that no one needed anything else in life. But, until the end, the father couldn’t figure out what was so amusing about the song that it made his son laugh uncontrollably. The baby’s laugh was infectious and could melt anyone’s heart.

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