‘I am more than how I look,’ says a burn survivor who hasn’t left his house in years.

He was horribly burned as a toddler after falling into a wood stove. This brave young man was so ashamed of his appearance that he stayed at home for two years. Nonetheless, with the passage of time, he was able to transform his life in the most beautiful way. Wait until you see him right now. Life isn’t always equitable. Many times, we face challenges that are too great for us to overcome, and it may appear that there is no way out, but God always finds a way to show us that not everything is lost.

Ngo Quy Hai, 27, has spent the majority of his life hidden from the rest of the world. The reason for this is that he is a burn survivor who is aware of the stares from his surroundings. Hai, who is Vietnamese, was only a toddler at the time of the horrific incident. It all started when he fell into an open wood stove while pushing a baby walker to the kitchen. The burns he received were severe, but he managed to survive. “Back then, baby walkers were common, and no one knew how dangerous they could be,” Hai explained. He was rushed to Saigon’s Children’s Hospital 1, where he spent two years.

Surgeries were performed one after the other, but he was still scarred all over his body and face. Most importantly, he suffered from mental tr-auma as a result of both the accident and being bu00llied by other children because of his appearance. “I felt alone and didn’t have many friends growing up,” he explained. “I felt isolated from society.” I was mocked and ridiculed when I tried to find work. I didn’t leave my house for almost two years at one point.” It was difficult to live a life of solitude. Hai fell behind in his studies and was devastated, but he later met a friend who understood how he felt.

“Sometimes I think fate brought us together,” Hai said of his new acquaintance. “We’ve been playing together since we were very young and have shared many joys and sorrows, as we both shared the sadness that no one wanted to play with us.” Hai was able to gather the courage to pursue his dream of owning a bakery with the assistance of a disabled friend. In fact, this dream arose as a result of an incident in which his friend was thrown out of a fancy bakery that he had been wanting to visit for a long time.

“Because we were poor, our clothes weren’t as nice as some people’s, and they didn’t listen to our explanation.” “They pursued us,” Hai explained. “It was embarrassing. However, it is an experience that has shaped who I am today. It made me realize what I wanted to do in my heart. I planned to open my own bakery so that I could bake delicious and beautiful cakes and serve good food to everyone, rich or poor. I would not make any distinctions; everyone would be welcome.” When he told his family about his dream, they were all very supportive. Hai then went to a hospitality school in Hanoi and was finally ready to face the world after years of hiding.

He claims that starting a bakery was the best thing that ever happened to him because it helped him gain confidence. “It was wonderful to see so many happy faces,” he said. “I see a lot of kids selling lottery tickets on the street, and I always invite them in for a piece of cake.” We have no idea what others have gone through. Be considerate. “It is now my dream to assist others who are experiencing similar difficulties as I have.” Giving back is the only way to make a difference in society.” Hai’s story is so inspiring because it reminds us that no matter what, we should always believe in our abilities and try to love ourselves for who we are.

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