This man Builds A Secret Room In The Basement, but 20 Days Later He Asks His Wife To Go Downstairs

When your wife and daughter enjoy crafting but lack the necessary space, good fathers think outside the box. That’s how Andrew, a possible frontrunner for Dad/Father of the Year, decided to build his favorite ladies their dream craft room. Andrew knew he’d found the perfect opportunity when his wife and daughter left on a three-week vacation. The plan was to turn the basement into a craft room, but this hardworking father knew he had to act quickly.

Fortunately, he found time to film the reconstruction, which was then uploaded to YouTube in its entirety. “It was a lot of work, but now that they’re gone, I can work all hours of the night,” Andrew explained. Some of the finishing details – ie, tabletop edges, countertop installations, and other cosmetic finishes – weren’t entirely finished by the time the girls got back home, but the bulk of the work was complete. “The hard work was done, and the surprise remained,” he said.

Andrew’s labor of love is truly a work of art, with ample lighting, wood floors, walk-in closets, and handmade crafting tables. The walls were painted with cheerful hues to help get the creative juices flowing, and this industrious Dad even found time to organize their art supplies! Naturally, all of this hard work was a huge hit – we know because his daughter and wife’s reactions were also captured on YouTube.

Andrew’s daughter ventures downstairs first, describing the basement’s new look as “awesome!” Meanwhile, Andrew’s wife, Sylvia, remained silent. The Internet was impressed as well. “Sir, I don’t say this often, but you are a Rockstar,” one YouTube user wrote. “You are an amazing father/husband, and I hope your family is blessed in every way.” Others were inspired to improve their own living spaces. The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods.

It’s lovely, and every crafty girl’s dream is to have a space like this, as well as a handy husband like you!” wrote another user. “Excellent work… Wow, hands down!! I’d love to see separate videos of how you made the tables and laid the flooring… just stuff that would help us work on our spaces, you know?” More importantly, Andrew was clearly a wonderful husband and father. “You are the most amazing hubby, and your wife and little girl must be very special to you,” said another. “I’m amazed you finished this in 20 days!”

Others requested video updates of the completed area: “I’d really like to see a UPDATE on this video!” “How did wifey organize the space and decorate the walls?”

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