This woman hasn’t brushed her teeth in 7 years and only eats fruit. What she looks like and how she lives now

Tina Stoklosa is a fruiterer, meaning she has only eaten fresh fruit for the past seven years. She did this because she disliked the figure’s appearance. She began to starve herself in order to look perfect. Tina needed to see a doctor and receive treatment. But none of them were able to assist her. She quickly began to gain weight.

Even though she was only 1.57 cm tall, the girl weighed 85 kg at the age of 16. Thank you. Tina published a blog post about the raw food diet. She emphasized the advantages of this diet for herself. She soon decided to experiment with eating uncooked foods. This system was ideal for her, so she quickly became a fruitarian.

She moved from Poland to Bali around the age of 40, where it was much easier to survive solely on fruit. There, she met her love, who shares her food beliefs, and had cubs with him. In addition to only eating fruit, the couple refused to brush their teeth. Tina and her husband are now attempting to help others by convincing them to adopt their eating habits.

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