Traditional Christmas Traditions You Can Recreate This Year

Every year, it appears that new Christmas traditions make their way into our celebrations. But, somewhere along the way, we may lose sight of some of the traditions that our parents and grandparents followed. Take a look at these ideas for reviving an old-fashioned Christmas celebration this year.

1) Use natural elements to decorate. To make the house look festive, use branches, laurels, and other shrubbery. Red dried flowers and berries provide a nice contrast without being too artificial. Texture is added with pine cones, acorns, and other seeds. Because it was all that many families had, the rustic look was popular in many areas. Even if you can afford elaborate decorations today, the rustic look evokes snow-covered forests, which are the epitome of winter cheer.

2) Dough Decorations. These simple dough creations resemble cookies but will keep for a long time, and their high salt content means that critters will not eat them (nor do kids for that matter). Use potato stamp designs, food coloring, or acrylic paint to decorate. You’ll have a tree that looks like it’s been decked out in cookies, and this is a great holiday activity for kids!

3) Holiday Garland. Make a fun DIY popcorn garland for your tree. You can add cranberries for a pop of color, and according to some sources, if all of the preservation steps are followed correctly, these garlands can last for a long time.

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