A Texas grandmother adopted her grandchild, which is a rare occurrence.

American Tracy Thompson gave birth to her own daughter at the age of 54, after having already given birth to three other children and going through menopause for seven years. Tracy’s 28-year-old daughter, Kelly, and her 30-year-old husband, Aaron, had been trying for three years to start a family. Kelly had three miscarriages between 2012 and 2014, the most recent on Christmas Day. At the same time, the couple still had access to four more embryos that had been harvested during their infertility treatment.

Tracy’s heart broke for her daughter and son-in-law, and she couldn’t bear seeing them suffer, she said. So she made them an unusual offer: she would carry their child as a surrogate. They eventually agreed. Tracy’s health turned out to be excellent, and doctors concluded that she would be able to handle this difficult task despite being in her forties and having been in menopause for seven years.

Following the necessary medical procedures, one of Kelly’s embryos was implanted in Tracy’s uterus in April 2015. And on January 6, 2016, ten days early, a healthy three-kilogram granddaughter was delivered to her ecstatic grandparents via caesarean section; they named her Kelsey, a combination of their names. “I can’t believe I got to do this for my kid,” she exclaims.

Meanwhile, she was still struggling throughout her pregnancy. Tracy claims that the second trimester was the easiest of the three, while the first and third were “absolutely horrific.” Tracy reportedly said, “I’ve had enough” when asked what she would do if Kelsey’s parents wanted their daughter to have a brother.

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