Homeless father cries in his car as he prepares for a freezing Christmas alone after his relationship ended.

After his relationship ended, a homeless father ‘cries every night’ in the back of his car as he prepares for a cold Christmas alone. Shane Blackwell, 39, moved into his car two months ago, and while other families are looking forward to a warm Christmas and a delicious turkey dinner, he is dreading the freezing temperatures and cramped conditions. “I’m devastated. I’m not going to act like a man about it. “I cry every night,” he admitted to Birmingham Live.

“It’s a little horrifying,” he continued. I can’t sleep in it. I’d sleep sitting up if I could, but I have a hard time sleeping. I’ve been taking sleeping pills, but they’re not really helping. “I’ve survived in -7C, which is the coldest it’s ever been, and I’m still fine; I’m not sick, which is surprising.”

Shane stated that he tries to keep his car running as much as possible, but he is afraid he won’t be able to do so until Christmas. “Normally, I would have my son, but due to the situation, I can’t have him, so it’s going to be a really bad day,” he explained. Shane has received assistance from the Salma Food Bank in Smethwick, allowing him to continue eating during his crisis.

He also applied for Universal Credit. “I’m talking to the council about getting some benefits,” he explained. “”I don’t get benefits, and if I do, it won’t be until January 18. I’m not a priority, no matter which council I go to. “When I got some money from work, I spent it on car parts and gas, and that was all I could afford.”

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