How these Long-Lost Twin Sisters Meet Each Other After Getting Confusing DNA Results is stunning!

Twins growing up in different families almost sounds like something out of a television drama, but this is a true-life story about twin sisters who discovered they were twins just before their 36th birthday. Molly Sinert was born in South Korea and adopted by a Florida-based American family. She had no idea she had an identical twin sister, Emily Bushnell, who was also growing up in America, in Philadelphia.

Isabel, Emily’s 11-year-old daughter, suggested she look into her ancestors. “I wanted to do the DNA test because she was adopted,” she explained. I was curious if I had any relatives on her side.” Emily refused to take a DNA test, so she let Isabel take one instead, unaware that Molly, in Florida, had also taken a DNA test for health reasons. Molly was perplexed when she received the results because it stated that she has a close relative, specifically a daughter, with whom she shares 49.96% DNA.

When she contacted Isabel to inquire about the DNA results, the truth became clear. Isabel sent Molly a message with a brief explanation of her mother’s history and birth date, and it was confirmed that Molly was speaking to her twin sister’s daughter, so they scheduled a meeting for their 36th birthday. After 36 years of not knowing each other’s existence, the twin sisters finally met. Emily was taken aback by the prospect of having a twin sister. “A hole was immediately filled in my heart,” she said.

Emily and Molly caught up on each other’s lives, and they discovered some fate-driven events that could be considered “twin moments,” such as the fact that they were both adopted by American families and that they both wore beaded dresses with similar-style necklaces and almost identical hairdos to their respective proms. In the video below, you can see how Emily and Molly found out about each other.

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