After Grandmother’s Death in a Nursing Home, Man Inherits an Envelope with Several Dollar Bills

A man who was head over heels in love with his evil fiancée was forced to deceive his grandmother and abandon her in a nursing home. The grandmother, on the other hand, found a way to teach him a lesson and open his eyes to reveal his lover’s true face. Following her death, the man received an envelope containing money and a cryptic message that would change his life forever. Moses was a 26-year-old entrepreneur who adored his fiancée Cara to the moon and back. He showered her with gifts and diamonds, but nothing piqued her fancy. Cara was constantly complaining and pleading with her beau to make some quick cash so that he could spend every last penny on her.

In his rush to please his beloved, Moses made risky business decisions that destroyed his company, leading to a bankruptcy that would be impossible to recover from. “You are pitiful. You’re such a jerk… I’m not sure why I’m still wasting my time with you when I can find a man who will lavish me with money “When Moses told Cara that his company was on the verge of bankruptcy, she yelled at him. He buried his face in his hands, terrified that she would abandon him. Cara, to his surprise, calmed down and said she knew how to get them out of their financial crisis and make them rich…

“This may sound crazy, but remember what I told you about Mrs. Fredericks? What about the elderly lady I met at the gym?” She stated. “Yes, I do, but I’m not sure why you’re bringing her up…” Cara interrupted Moses before he could finish, stating that the lady was the wife of Mr. Fredericks, the owner of a project development company and a member of an elite business club. “Mrs. Fredericks promised, darling, that she would talk to her husband about making you a member of the club. Once you’re in, you’ll meet a lot of wealthy people. You’ll gain their contacts and ties, and you’ll be able to strike lucrative business deals with them…

We can eventually become wealthy! Don’t you think it’s a fantastic idea, as it always is?” Greed always leads to devastation and disappointment. Moses, on the other hand, laughed it off, thinking Cara was joking. “A member of the exclusive club? Who me?! Nice one, hun! Do you know how much those memberships cost? I’ll never be able to join such a club because I don’t have a lot of money. Where will we go with so much money? And the membership is pricey…we can’t afford it, so we’ll abandon the idea.” Cara frowned at the prospect of having to plot and plan everything on her own. “I know it’s costly, but the small payments we’ll make are an investment in our bright future.

Consider, darling…consider. We can live our dreams while restoring your business. And then we can tie the knot! Everything will be fine once you become a respected member of that club.” Moses’ mind kept returning to Cara’s strange idea. He thought it was fantastic, but he was concerned about not having enough money to join the club. “Look, babe, I know you’re excited about this, but we don’t have the funds to cover it all…you know the company is on the verge of going bankrupt. It’s not a good idea in my opinion “He stated. “Argh! Why am I the only one who considers both of us?” Cara snorted, disgusted. “I’ve got a plan… get ready.

Tomorrow, we’ll have to drive somewhere “She continued. “Where do you drive?” “Who else would you expect to meet your grandmother, Wendy? I have a plan, and I am confident it will work!” “When it comes to you, your grandmother is extremely emotional. She never says no to anything, and she will not disappoint us if we tell her a “little” lie and cry in front of her!” “A lie? What deception?” Moses yelled. “Nothing major… Just a little white lie, babe! Does your grandmother live alone in her small cottage? Why don’t we tell her that we need money for my surgery and expensive treatment, and that I won’t be able to conceive without it?

“Cara stated. “She’s too old to realize we’re lying, and I’m sure she wants great-grandchildren, so she’ll assist us.” “We’ll persuade her to sell her home and move in with us. Your grandmother adores you and will go to any length to ensure your happiness! All you have to do now is go in front of her with wet, teary eyes and tell her what I tell you, okay?” Moses hesitated at first. Wendy, his grandfather, was an 80-year-old widow who lived alone in a small cottage left to her by her late husband, Jerry. Moses was all she had because she taught sewing and lived on social security benefits.

Moses was aware of his grandmother’s fondness for her cozy little house surrounded by a lovely garden. But he adored Cara above all else and was willing to go to any length to please her. Moses eventually agreed to deceive his grandmother because he was afraid his girlfriend would leave him if he didn’t. “I’m not throwing my grandmother out on the streets. After selling her cottage, she still gets to live with me in my house, so it’s all fair and square “He consoled himself and left for town the next day to meet his grandmother. Wendy was overjoyed when Moses unexpectedly paid her a visit.

He rarely visited Cara after moving in, which she thought was fine because he was a grown man with his own life to manage. She ran up to him, hugged him tightly, and sobbed on his shoulders as she showed him the peach tree he had planted when he was a child. “Look at how grown up it is…just like you, and I can’t wait to see you marry and have children! I gathered an entire basket of peaches! You arrived just in time to take them home!” Wendy was overjoyed, if only she knew why her grandson had come. “Oh my, darling, I’m so sorry to hear this,” she said, turning pale and sad when Moses lied to her about Cara’s treatment and the surgery she needed to have children.

“Doctors told us it was the only way we could conceive, Grandma. Cara has been longing for children, but we recently discovered why she couldn’t conceive “Moses continued, a pleading expression on his face. “I’m sure you fantasize about playing with your great-grandchildren, too. We are also getting married soon. This surgery is critical for us, and only you can assist us.” Wendy melted almost immediately, believing everything he said was true.

Her home was not as opulent as her grandson’s in the city. However, it was sufficient to pay for his membership in the elite club and partially resolve his business issues. Wendy adored this house so much! She had forgotten all about hammering nails into the walls. It was her little memory house. Every nook and cranny brought back memories of her lovely life with her late husband and Moses. Moses knew it would be difficult to persuade his grandmother to sell her home if he had told her the truth about his bankruptcy. But convincing her to do it was a piece of cake because he pretended it was for his girlfriend’s treatment.

Wendy eventually succumbed to his lies because she couldn’t ignore Cara’s health issues and desire to become a mother. So, without further ado, she prepared the paperwork to sell the house. Wendy sold her beloved home and moved in with Moses, little realizing how quickly she would come to regret making the biggest mistake of her life. After the granny moved in, everything appeared to be in order. She began to miss her old house and beautiful garden, but she smiled, content that she had been able to assist her grandson and his partner in resolving their issues.

Wendy noticed a strange change in Cara’s behavior as the days passed. She found it odd that Cara seemed unconcerned about the’surgery’ and seemed overjoyed about something else. Wendy had no idea the woman was overjoyed that Moses had made it into the exclusive club with the money she gave them after selling her house. Wendy became increasingly concerned as she observed Cara spending long hours on the phone and doing nothing but lazing around while asking Wendy for assistance with all of the household chores. She would sometimes go shopping or to the movies with her friends and return only when Moses got home from work. “Mrs. Carson, it’ll help me not panic when I go under the knife.

I have some time before the surgery, so I’m doing everything I can to prepare. Hanging out with friends and getting plenty of rest will help me relax before the surgery. It’s similar to therapy, you know “Wendy was informed by Cara. Grandma decided not to meddle in her affairs and gradually adjusted to her new living conditions. Cara’s phony politeness, however, did not last long, and she became irritated with her over trivial matters. “You silly old lady…do you do the dishes like this?” Cara once yelled at Wendy for not knowing how to use the dishwasher.

“For Christ’s sake, can you do something without making stupid mistakes? I can’t teach you like a child, okay?” “After all of the terrible mistakes you make every day, washing dishes properly was the least you could do. And keep in mind, if that dishwasher is broken! You’ll never be able to afford it out of your own pocket. This is insane!” Wendy was concerned but dismissed it, thinking Cara had had a bad day worrying about the’surgery.’ But, much to her surprise, the hurtful incidents did not stop there. “Look at what your stupid grandmother did to my white dress, Moses,” Wendy awoke to Cara yelling at Moses in the laundry room and dashed to see what was wrong.

“Hun, she’s old and could have put it in the washing machine by accident. I’ll get you a replacement. Please keep your cool…she might hear you and feel bad. Don’t be impolite. She’s old, and it’s common for her to mix things up due to poor vision “Moses informed Cara. “Another gown? Do you and your grandmother know how much this is going to cost? It’s a designer item, and I only had one. That rotten old crone…she ruined it, and I’ll never be able to wear it again.”

Wendy could only cry quietly and walk away, assuming everything would be fine. But nothing changed, and Cara’s irritation grew by the day. “Argh! Can you stop snoring like you’ve been awake for years? It irritates me so much “Wendy, who had fallen asleep on the couch, was yelled at by Cara. “I’ll be working in the garden. Bring me a cup of coffee with no milk and less sugar.”

Wendy rubbed her sleepy eyes and entered the kitchen, her trembling hands attempting to make the best coffee for Cara. When she marched to the garden, she overheard the woman complaining to someone on the phone. “I’m done with that obnoxious old crone. I don’t want her around any longer “Cara spoke while Wendy listened, tears welling up in her eyes as she realized she would not be living in that house for long. Wendy felt bad for being a bother, and just as she was about to interrupt Cara, she overheard the most sh-ocking confession of all.

“Who are you, Moses?! Argh! He’s as stupid as his grandmother. Who do you think inspired him to brainwash that stupid old lady into selling her old house?” Cara continued on and on. “She was so naive to think I needed surgery to become pregnant. Moses and I have no desire to have children. Having babies too soon will ruin my beauty, so we use contraception to avoid having children anytime soon. Let me tell you something…we needed money so Moses could join the exclusive club. I suggested to him that he lie to his grandmother about my surgery and force her to sell her home. And she succeeded!”

“Oh no, she won’t find out. In fact, I intend to get rid of her as soon as possible. I simply cannot stand the sight of her. She can’t do anything right, and I’m not here to look after my boyfriend’s grandmother. She’s a real pain.” Wendy was devastated, but nothing hurt her more than learning that Cara was looking for a better partner than Moses. “He’ll always be a mama’s boy. He’s also a loser. I don’t see us having a happy future together. I want a much richer and more charming man.” “Perhaps I should do something ‘tempting’ enough to attract Karl and convince him to divorce his wife so that I can take her place…” Cara’s remark surprised Wendy.

She left because she lacked the courage to hear any more of these heinous things. What concerned her the most was the fate of her grandson. Wendy wanted to save him before Cara destroyed his life. Wendy had trouble sleeping that night. Cara was about to break her grandson’s heart, and she didn’t want to see him suffer. “But how am I going to tell him about her? He adores her and refuses to believe me “She was terrified and, after much deliberation, decided to approach Moses. When he got home from work the next day, Wendy pulled him aside and told him everything Cara had told her friend. But Moses was not about to hear another word against his girlfriend and jumped to her defense.

“Cara is well-known to you, Grandma. You must have misheard something. My girlfriend would never do something like that. She adores me, and I’m sure you muddled everything. You’ll regret your words about her one day!” He walked away, frowning. A month had passed, but nothing had changed for Wendy. While Moses was at work, Cara was constantly rude to her, and there was nothing she could do about it. Wendy endured everything silently, assuming she’d be fine and get used to it. The last straw came when Moses approached her with a brochure advertising a nursing home.

“I’m finished with her. Either she or I stay. You have a choice “Cara’s ultimatum remained with him. Moses adored his grandmother, but he adored Cara more, and he was torn between the two. He approached Wendy with a heavy heart and showed her the booklet. He had chosen Cara over his grandmother, who had given up everything to bring him sunshine. “I know you’ll be upset, Grandma. But I don’t have a choice. Cara is upset about what’s been going on, so I think you’ll be fine in a nursing home…with other people your age. You’ll make a lot of friends there, and…I promise to come back often, okay? Do you require assistance in packing your belongings?

We’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning.” Wendy was torn apart and couldn’t stop crying. “Hopefully, this will put an end to all of her issues with me. I can no longer live under the same roof as Cara. But, sweetheart, I hope you get to see her real face soon. That woman is unworthy of your affection. She’s taking advantage of you. How am I going to make you understand? “Wendy had a thought. “I can pack on my own, sweetheart. I didn’t bring much, and I’m not leaving with much more than your love “She said it painfully. Wendy was shaken by her grandson’s life and how easily Cara could ruin it.

“Is this why I fought so hard to give you a better life?” Wendy sobbed as she remembered the dark aspects of her grandson’s past that she never wanted him to revisit. Moses had a difficult childhood after his parents were killed in a car accident when he was twelve years old. His grandmother took custody of him and did everything she could to make him happy. Nobody, however, could ever replace his parents, and he still missed them. “Having been through so much pain in his childhood, he would undoubtedly be hurt by his evil girlfriend,” Wendy reasoned.

Wendy was frozen in time when the clock struck midnight. She finished packing her belongings and cried the entire night, worrying about what would happen to Moses after she left. “Finally!! That old lady has left my home. I can live my life however I want now that I’m not accountable to anyone!” Cara sighed quietly as Moses drove away with his grandmother to the nursing home the next day. “I promise to visit you soon. Please take care,” he squeezed her hands and kissed her forehead after leaving her in her room. Wendy’s heart ripped apart at seeing the silhouette of her beloved grandson disappear, and she never saw him again for several months.

Some promises were just made to be broken, and it was so true in her case.Moses and Cara lived peacefully for quite some time after Wendy moved out. Then one day, when Moses got home from work, Cara blocked his way, and she was so excited. “I have double good news!” she chirped.”You remember your grandma’s rich cousin, Felix? I got a phone call today evening from his grandson…Felix is no more.” Moses could not understand what was so good about this and frowned. “The good news is,” Cara added. “He has certainly left your grandma an inheritance.

The guy talked about some will and said your grandma was mentioned in it. Her cousin Felix was wealthy, and I’m sure your granny would’ve inherited a lot of money from him. The second good news is that I have a plan that could make us rich!”Moses was afraid whenever Cara told him about her ideas because she made him take all the risks. “What is it now?” he shyly asked her, curious to know more. “My friend Mrs. Fredericks told me she talked to her husband about us. And guess what?! He has agreed to make us investors, and we will make a lot of money soon after his company is sold!”

Cara then persuaded Moses to visit his grandma and ask her for more money. “Tell her that I need another surgery. She will not deny cuz she loves you. Don’t waste time cuz Mrs. Fredricks gave us only a week to invest in the business. Hurry up!”Moses rarely visited his granny after leaving her at the rest home. It was pretty far, and he was ashamed to face her after abandoning her there. But he could not turn down Cara and drove to the nursing home the next day. To his surprise, Wendy was delighted to see him and did not hold grudges against him for not visiting her.”Grandma, I’m so happy to see you! How are you? Are you eating well cuz I think you have lost some weight!” Moses said, hugging Wendy tight.

She was delighted and partially guessed he had come to see her after learning about her inheritance. “Grandma, I came to ask for your help,” Moses slowly began in a soft, pleading tone. “You see, I was rushing up and down to arrange money, but nothing worked. That’s why I was not able to visit you. I told you about Cara’s surgery, right? She fell sick last week, and when we tested her again, doctors told us she would need another critical surgery. I need some money urgently, and only you can help us. I recently found out about your inheritance from grandpa Felix. Can you help us?”

Wendy was shattered to hear the same lie all over again. “Only if he knew I know the truth about Cara’s fake surgery and their lies,” she thought.It hurt her more when she remembered her recent diagnosis and the days that were numbered. Wendy was battling cancer and was traumatized when she realized she would soon leave her grandson with a greedy and cheating partner like Cara.

“I knew you would come to ask me for money after knowing about my inheritance. I now know what I have to do,” thought Wendy. She was already prepared with a pre-planned trick to teach Moses a lesson and expose the true colors of his girlfriend at the same time.”Sweetie, I’m glad you turned to me for help,” began Wendy as Moses’s eyes lit up with delight. “Cara was right. Grandma can never deny me!!” he thought. “But…as you know, my late cousin Felix has a lot of children and grandchildren. It’ll take some time, likely a few months, to sell their property and then divide the shares according to what my cousin has left for each. It’s a lengthy legal process, and everything goes step by step.”

Moses’s smile shrunk into despair. “Does that mean you cannot help us, grandma?” he asked with big, pleading eyes welled up with tears. “You are my last resort. Please do something.””I didn’t say I’ll not help you, sweetheart,” Wendy added. “I have an idea. Why don’t you mortgage your house if you need money urgently? You could pay off everything and get your house back when I give you my inheritance. Does that sound okay to you?”

Moses was overjoyed at hearing such a plan. He hugged his grandma and agreed with the offer, saying it was a fantastic idea. It rained money in his mind, and he left, knowing little that his grandma had pulled a trick on him to put him in place and unmask his girlfriend’s true character. Moses eventually mortgaged his house and invested all the money in Mr. Frederick’s business. He sat back, relieved, dreaming of a bright future, waiting for his granny to call him to discuss the fate of her inheritance so he could retrieve his house.

Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer a few months later, and Moses was yet to find out what she had done with her legacy. One day, a lawyer visited when Moses was away and gave Cara an envelope. “Mrs. Carson had bequeathed this to her grandson. Please give it to him…it’s his inheritance,” he said and left. Cara was delighted and wickedly smiled as she opened the envelope, thinking it was the check she and Moses had been waiting for. But when she pulled out the contents, she was sh-ocked to see only a few dollar bills, about $4, and a note from the late Wendy.”I know everything about your lies and fake surgeries.

I hope you will soon figure out what to do with this money. With Love, Grandma Wendy,” it read.Cara was startled because she was confident about getting a check to pay off the mortgage. The investment in Mr. Frederick’s business had tanked, and the late Wendy’s inheritance was their last resort to avoid the risk of becoming homeless. “That old crone…how dare she laugh at us before her death? You ugly witch,” she freaked out at the very thought of reaching level zero.

“I cannot do this anymore. My future is at risk. I’ll be doomed if I stay with Moses any longer…He’s such a loser,” Cara panicked and decided to leave a surprise for him along with his late grandma’s letter and the few dollar bills.Later that evening, when Moses returned home, his house was near-empty. “What happened here? Cara, hun, I’m home…” he searched for his girlfriend, but she was nowhere in sight. It hit him like a bag of bricks when he realized Cara had taken all her stuff and left him.

“Why…just why? Why did you do this to me?” he cried and was drawn to the envelope and two notes, one from Cara, on the table. First, he read Cara’s letter and was left shaken. “I don’t want to waste my life with a gonna-be homeless loser like you. I’m going away to start a new life with Gary, my new boyfriend. Don’t try to find me, alright? I don’t wish to continue this relationship with you anymore. Goodbye!” read the words that shuddered Moses’s heart.He then understood what had gone wrong after finding the $4 and the note from his late grandma.

“This is unbelievable. How could you do this to me?” he cried, still unable to put the puzzle together. “Just $4? For what? And what’s this letter from granny? I don’t understand what she means by ‘figure out.’ What should I figure out?”Moses was torn apart after Cara dumped him for not being as rich as before. It hurt him more when he realized she had only been a gold-digger throughout their relationship. All those expensive gifts he gave her…her words of love…those endless nights they spent together, and all those promises she made…nothing mattered to her.

Moses was not upset or angry with his grandma but was ashamed she knew everything all along. “I am sorry I did this to you, grandma,” he cried. “I am so ashamed of myself. You thought I was not worthy of even these $4. I deserve this and more for hurting you.” As days passed, Moses felt deserted and heartbroken. It had been only two weeks since Cara walked out on him, but it started feeling like a hundred years had gone by without her. Most of all, he wanted to be with his dear ones at this hard moment, but the only beloved person he had, his granny, was no more. He felt so lonely and decided to visit her grave.

When he got there, he was surprised to see his favorite childhood toy, a little teddy bear he called Charlie, tucked in a plastic cover and sitting atop her grave.”Charlie? Oh God, I almost forgot about you,” he cried, picking the little stuffed toy up. “Who put you here? Grandma had you, right? But how did you get here?” Out of habit, Moses rummaged through the teddy’s shirt with a secret pocket his grandma had sewn to hide candies and coins when he was little. There was something inside, and when Moses pulled it out, he froze in sh-ock.”A check for $100,000?!” he cried and dug the pocket further, only to find another note from the late Wendy again.

“Hi, Sweetie! I hope you are not mad at me for this trick. I just wanted to show you who you are surrounded by. Not everyone is a gem in this world. Please find a person who is worth your love. One who stands by your side when you are down and parts not just your success but also your failures. With Love, Granny.” Moses could not stop crying when he decoded the cryptic message on his grandma’s first note. It had cost him only $4 to get to the cemetery by bus. She had known where she would be laid after her death and had planned everything like a puzzle to help Moses unravel the truth.”Babe, please, I’m sorry.

Just give me a chance. I want to meet you urgently,” Cara begged. “Don’t hang up. I have something to tell you. Please, it’s important.” “I am sorry, Cara, but I have nothing to discuss with you. I am not coming,” Moses refused, only to be left shaken when she told him she was pregnant with his child. “You are pregnant? But how can that be…” Moses was startled. “I am pregnant with your baby, honey. Let’s meet, and I’ll tell you everything in person, alright?”

Moses immediately hung up on Cara and hurried home, not knowing how to accept the truth he was going to be a father when he knew he was infertile. Moses had kept this little secret to himself, and he’d been keeping it from Cara because he feared she would leave him if she knew he could not have children. The pregnancy announcement shook Moses when he realized Cara had cheated on him and the baby was not his. But still, his love for her blinded him once again. He hoped that having the baby might change her for the better.”So, when did you find out you’re pregnant?” Moses asked Cara.

“Last week! I wanted to reach out to you, but I was guilty. It took me a lot of time to talk to you and tell you I’m pregnant…That we are pregnant, honey. We are going to be parents. Aren’t you excited?!” Cara was not even a bit guilty about cheating on Moses and telling him she was pregnant with his baby when, actually, the baby was her new boyfriend’s. He had abandoned her, and Cara decided to reconcile with Moses so he could father her child, thinking it was his.

After seeing Cara so happy about her pregnancy, Moses decided not to reveal his infertility or ask her where the real father was. “I’ll not tell her that I know she cheated on me and will raise her baby as my own,” he thought, and eventually, they reconciled.Moses and Cara started living together and got along well initially. But problems slowly sparked when she learned about the inheritance he had gotten from his late grandma and went up to her old tricks to make him do what she wanted.

“Babe, why don’t you join another elite club? I know an old friend whose brother is into real estate. We could invest money in his business and become rich quickly. Our baby will have a brighter future…don’t you think it’s a smart idea?” Cara tried sweet-talking Moses into agreeing with her. To her sh-ock, Moses turned down her plans because he knew they would backfire and only result in a heavy loss like before. But Cara would not take a no for an answer and kept trying to convince him.

When all her attempts failed, she threatened Moses to either join an elite club and agree to her plans or get ready to lose his baby.”I’ll abort this child if you don’t listen to me,” she blackmailed him. Moses could not pull himself to believe Cara had never changed and that nothing could change her. So he decided to teach her a lesson in a similar fashion his late granny had taught him earlier.Two days later, Moses gave Cara money to get him a membership in the elite club and asked her to throw a party to announce her pregnancy.

“Why didn’t I think of this before? Darling, you are so smart!” Cara chuckled at the very thought of the party and the wealthy guests raising a toast in honor of her baby. The party was in full swing that weekend. It was attended by a who’s who of A-listers in the city, and Cara felt immensely proud to be the host, flaunting her baby bump. When everybody gathered, Moses suddenly asked the DJ to pause the music and took a glass of champagne to raise a toast. Cara was quite stunned and happy at the same time, guessing very little about what Moses was going to say next.

“My heart is as full as my glass, and God knows I always wished the hinges of our love never grew rusty!” he began.”Here’s to the lovely mom-to-be and her baby, and of course, to all of you, my dear friends…because we are all gathered here not to honor my wife’s baby but to honor you…AND YOUR MONEY!!” Cara was startled and made big eyes, asking Moses to stop. People started staring at her unkindly and whispered things as Moses went on. “May your home be filled with people who truly love you and not threaten you… In fact, if I hadn’t joined the club and thrown this party, my sweet, beloved, the love of my life… Cara… would have probably had an abortion, right honey?!

I see all of you are in sh-ock. Fine, let me explain to you in detail.”Moses then revealed how his business tanked and went bankrupt due to the risky deals he made to worship his ladylove with money, gifts, and jewels. “And not just that! I abandoned and deceived my granny. Can you believe this? We did it together,” he added, tearing up. “And Cara dumped me when I did not get my inheritance after my granny passed away. I wanted to move on for good but still got back to her because of the baby…But Cara, do you know something?” Moses knew what he was bringing upon himself but had already decided it was the only way to teach Cara a lesson.

“Do you know I’M INFERTILE?? It’s not even my baby because I can never have one! And when you learned about my inheritance, you forced me to join the club so that we get in touch with rich people, make friends with them, and become rich through business deals and investments. Ladies and gentlemen, when I refused, she blackmailed me she would abort the baby. I hope I don’t have to see another such day again!” he finished, sipping the champagne. “We could’ve been happier together, but your greed ruined everything,” Moses told Cara and stormed out of the party. He saw her only once after that, when she came to pack her stuff.

Two years passed since the breakup, and Moses had happily moved on with Kylie, a waitress he met at the pub. They adopted two kids from the shelter and led a happy life, and Moses never wanted to think about the dark chapters of his past. But one day, a few years later, a call from his ex’s friend left him speechless and in tears.”Cara…Cara what? What did you say? Oh my God… When did this happen?” Moses stammered in sh-ock.

“They found her dead under mysterious circumstances in her rented apartment last week. Nobody knows what happened. I found your number behind a photo in her diary and wanted to reach out to you.” Moses was quite troubled after learning about his ex’s death. He felt sorry for her but did not understand why her friend had reached out to him, so he asked her the reason. It hit him like a ton of bricks when he was told about the late Cara’s orphaned little daughter, Gini.

“The girl’s father abandoned them, and nobody had seen him. Cara was all she had, and I don’t know what would happen to her now. She is in the shelter…I’ll send you the address. I thought you’d help her find a nice family,” added the woman.Although Moses could not find a spot to forgive his ex, he felt sorry for her little daughter, who was all alone now. He remembered his granny and all the sacrifices she made to raise him when he had nobody to love or care about him. He decided to pay that love forward, and without further thought, he and his wife met the girl and began the formalities of adopting her.

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