WATCH!!! Toddler disagrees with dad about the “baby-proof” bowl

When their baby throws food from a high chair onto the floor, parents usually laugh. The new mom or dad then smiles gently and says, “No throwing, the food.” Some parents even photograph the memory and find it endearing. However, a parent (father) recently shared an experience. He’d had several incidents in which his toddler had thrown the “baby-proof” bowl onto the floor. So he decided to put a new product to the test..

Many parents discover that the cuteness fades over time and that throwing food becomes a game for the baby. It is also difficult for a new father or mother to do the chores repeatedly. A single parent is concerned about why his toddler would throw away his food. However, most pediatricians agree that this is a normal occurrence for most toddlers. Concerned about his toddler throwing food, the single father decided to put the new product he had purchased for his child to the test.

Unfortunately, the child had a habit of dropping the bowl on the floor. He made the decision to inspect the product as soon as it arrived in the mail. He told his friends and online followers that no matter how hard he pulled, the product would not come off and had excellent suction. He decided to try out the new “baby-proof” bowl. He forced his child to sit in the high chair and throw the bowl from a great height. The mischievous toddler ripped off the bowl and threw it on the ground, making him laugh.

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