8-Year-Old Boy with Only Months to Live Goes on His First Ever Date with the Love of His Life

When an 8-year-old boy with leukemia dropped out of school due to his deteriorating health, his parents had no idea that a girl in his class would cheer him up by agreeing to go on a date with him. Doctors told David Spisak’s parents something that would change their lives forever when he was two years old. The little Chesapeake, Virginia resident had cancer that was only going to get worse with time…

David underwent two transplants following his frightening diagnosis. His 10-year-old sister was the donor during one of them. Despite the best efforts of doctors, the little boy’s cancer returned three times. When David’s doctor informed his parents in March 2015 that his cancer had returned, they decided to discontinue treatment. It was a terrifying experience for them to watch their little boy go through painful procedures only to find out that nothing worked.

The heartbroken parents reasoned that not allowing their son to receive treatment would allow him to spend time with other children his age. They wanted him to have the time of his life. David was able to attend school for a short time after his cancer treatment ended before his condition worsened. In September, he began second grade and met someone special. Amber Spisak, David’s mother, was aware that her son had a crush on someone at school, but she had no idea who it was or how serious he was about her.

However, once she discovered who the girl was, she immediately contacted her mother. David took his relationship to the next level with the help of his parents by asking Ayla out on a date. The little boy met Ayla in his art class and thought she was lovely and sweet. David told her he liked her without hesitation, recalling her “surprised face.” David had to drop out of school due to his deteriorating health before he could spend more time with his crush.

He didn’t lose contact with his classmates, however, because they sent him cards at home. Amber was overjoyed to learn that David’s classmates adored him, but something about those cards took her by surprise. She noticed that Ayla had sent David several cards expressing how much she missed him, and that a few of his classmates had also written about Ayla’s feelings for David.

Amber had no idea a girl in her son’s class would miss him so much during his absence. Amber inquired about Ayla to see what David thought of her. David compared Ayla to “Snow White.” He also revealed that Ayla treated him with extra kindness because she adored him. Amber had no idea her son would say something like this. She was overjoyed to see her son’s face light up when he mentioned the girl he liked. Amber contacted Ayla’s mother and told her about the situation after realizing how much David liked his classmate. Amber stated:

“She’s had an effect on his spirit, and I haven’t seen this side of him in a long time.” David took his relationship to the next level with the help of his parents by asking Ayla out on a date. On their first date, he invited her to bowl, and she accepted. David was in a wheelchair when he met Ayla, but that didn’t stop them from becoming friends. The little boy was a true gentleman, giving his first date roses and a teddy bear while she pushed his wheelchair and showed him around.

Amber and Ayla’s mother were pleased to see how much their children enjoyed each other’s company. David stood up from his wheelchair and walked for the first time in many days that night. He also received his first kiss on the cheek from the girl he was interested in. “Their story is something that everyone can learn from,” Ayla’s mother said. She and Amber thought their children’s bond was pure and one-of-a-kind.

David’s first date was a memorable experience for him, and his parents were relieved to see him enjoying his final days rather than being in and out of hospitals. They were overjoyed to see their son form a healthy bond with Ayla. Sometimes all we need is love to make us feel better, and David’s story exemplifies this sentiment. Spending a day with his favorite person made him feel better during his final days.

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