The child, who was only two years old at the time, was dubbed the “world’s brightest little one.”

Everyone was taken aback by Wrigley’s incredible brightness. His IQ was higher than 160, which is unfathomable for someone his age. The young man has the same intelligence as Albert Einstein! He was accepted into the Oxford Mensa Club, the most prestigious club for men in the world. At such a young age, they are intellectuals. If Oscar had to choose between going for a walk with his friends and reading, he would definitely go for the latter…

Oscar has had a remarkable vocabulary since he was in diapers, according to his parents. At the age of nine months, the infant genius began babbling whole phrases. And by the age of two, he was holding his own in adult-adult conversations about the world’s most pressing issues. Their children are their heroes, and they have their parents write down lines that they believe best describe their child. Oscar once said something that irritated his parents when he was a child.

“Mom, it’s like there’s a party going on in my mouth when I eat sausages.” But that’s not all… Joe Wrigley, a computer scientist and the prodigal son’s son, tells us: Oscar recently attempted to engage my wife in a conversation about the reproductive cycle of penguins. The child has a natural curiosity that belies his age, and he never stops asking questions. While it’s natural for parents to think their child is exceptional, there’s no denying that Oscar is truly one-of-a-kind.

Surprisingly, this is not the cap. The child continues to mature, and his superior intelligence continues to astound his family and friends. Mankind can expect to be surprised on a regular basis, and many valuable discoveries may be made. Oscar Wrigley is not, of course, the first young person to join Mensa.
A number of additional exceptionally bright children have joined the group.

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