High School Sweethearts Reunite After 64 Years, Fall In Love All Over Again. How they look now?

Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman, high school sweethearts, went to prom as each other’s dates 64 years ago. The two danced, laughed, and reveled in their youth and love. After high school, the two went to different colleges and eventually split up. Both of them fell in love with other people, married, had children… little did they know that fate would eventually bring them back together.

Let’s fast forward to last year. Joyce and James’ spouses had both died, leaving them devastated and lonely. Until one day, out of the blue, Joyce received a letter from James in the mail. Joyce suggested they catch up in response to James’ letter. Her simple suggestion sparked a six-decade-long romance. Joyce’s granddaughter, Anna, stated that her grandmother and James talked on the phone every night. Joyce was “all giggly again,” she remembered. “It was like I was 17 again,” Joyce said.

James asked Joyce a question she never expected to hear again during one of these calls. “She hung up the phone and said, ‘Well, that was a strange phone call. “He asked me to marry him!” Anna exclaimed. They married on April 1st, 64 years after attending their high school prom together, in a small ceremony attended by friends and family. Anna, who was the maid of honor at her grandmother’s wedding, shared their touching love story in the post below.

a long time ago to organize a high school reunion. They are both widowed and 81 years old. They then received another phone call. And yet another. Which led to a visit. They fell in love all over again after that. My Grandma began to smile once more. Our conversations began to focus on her future rather than her past. She regained her identity.

I’m sure Jim experienced the same thing. His daughter thanked my grandmother for’making her father smile again.’ Few people marry their prom date… But my Grandma gets to marry hers tomorrow, even if it is 64 years after prom!

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