A Meta employee purchases a cozy cruise ship condo in order to work from home and travel the world.

Austin Wells, a 28-year-old Meta employee from San Diego, recently purchased a home that made international headlines. Real estate is an expensive investment that should be carefully considered in light of one’s income, future plans, and life goals. While Wells’ decision may seem unusual to some, he made the best decision given his current career and real estate options.

He recently paid $300,000 for a 12-year lease on a 237-square-foot studio on a cruise ship, comparing the transaction to purchasing a condo for rent or sale. In 2025, the cruise ship will be available for residency. Wells works remotely as an employee of Meta, Facebook’s parent company, and will continue to do so while on his cruise ship apartment around the world.

The cruise ship includes an elegant library.

His future home will be aboard the MV Narrative, which will house 547 floating condominiums for approximately 1,000 people. The cruise ship’s properties range from Wells’ $300,000 studio to a $8 million two-story, four-bedroom home with 1,970 square feet. Though Wells’ apartment is the most basic on the ship, it has all the amenities one could want. It has a desk, a Murphy bed, a pantry, and a small bathroom that can compete with those found in high-end apartments.

There are different lounges for residents to enjoy and relax in.

Balconies are available in some of the more expensive properties! The ship has several lounges, workspaces, and meeting areas, as well as a library and 20 restaurants and bars spread across 18 floors. Storylines The ship’s 10,000-square-foot gym and spa, as well as three swimming pools, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A school and a bank are also on board!

Living rooms are sophisticated but homey as well.

Because the ship is intended for long-term residence, there is a medical station. The MV Narrative will also include a theater for live performances and movie screenings. Wells’ studio costs about $2,083 per month for a 12-year lease, compared to $2,100 for most San Diego apartments. So, the Meta employee would only need to pay about $4,200 per month to live an all-expenses-paid lifestyle, without having to pay for a car,

Wide windows provide a wonderful view of the sea.

waste time shopping for groceries, or visit a hospital for a medical exam. Plus, there’s the added bonus of waking up in a different part of the world every few days! “What I’m probably most excited about is going to places that ships can only go in one way,” Wells said.

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