When Grandma, 87, is unable to go to her regular hairdresser, her grandson sets up a home beauty salon for her.

A grandmother was devoted to her beauty salon for thirty years until it was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her grandson decided to do something about it after seeing how sad it made her, so he planned a full beauty salon experience at home for her to enjoy. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us the value of cherishing our time with family and showing them how much we care.

It disrupted our usual routines, and for some, adjusting to the “new normal” for the entire world was more difficult. Despite being at home for several months due to quarantine protocols, Matthew Stewart of Florida wanted nothing more than to see his 87-year-old grandmother Bobbe happy. They were very close, and he wanted to make sure his grandmother didn’t feel uncomfortable during her stay at home.

Matthew spent the majority of his childhood with his grandmother and grandfather. As a result, he admits that his grandmother “feels more like a mother to me than a grandmother.” Matthew, like many other people who were stranded at home during the pandemic, turned to social media to keep himself entertained. He made a TikTok account and began sharing videos of himself and grandma Bobbe while they entertained each other at home.

Matthew and grandma Bobbe amassed over a million followers on TikTok after months of sharing videos of their adorable duo. While they’ve shared countless moments together, one in particular caught the attention of many because it was so well-planned and thoughtful. Grandma Bobbe had been going to a local beauty salon for thirty years prior to the pandemic. She used to go there every week to get her hair done, but due to pandemic restrictions, she couldn’t for months.

It was affecting her emotionally, according to Matthew, who stated, “She [was] kind of getting down, getting a little depressed because she didn’t have her usual salon day.” So, in order to make his grandmother happy once more, Matthew decided to bring the salon to her and give it his all. Grandma Bobbe was overjoyed when he washed, dried, and styled her hair with a curling iron.

For the ultimate VIP treatment, he even gave her a drink! Despite the fact that Matthew had never worked in a beauty salon or even styled a woman’s hair, he did everything he could to make his grandmother happy. At the end of it all, his grandmother said, “I love it,” and that was all the praise he needed.

Matthew captured the entire event and shared it with their ecstatic followers, who couldn’t help but praise Matthew for making his grandmother look and feel good, especially at a time when spirits were low. They eventually coined the phrase “Fresh Fluff Wednesday” to describe the salon day.

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