Except for one grandchild, mother-in-law was chastised for purchasing matching Christmas pajamas.

Christmas pajamas are a fond childhood memory for most of us who grew up with loving grandparents. However, a grandmother enraged the internet after giving the same gift. Of course, there is a catch to her gift: she gave it to all but one of her grandchildren. That was her son’s step-child[1].

A Facebook post showed a photo of the mother-in-law with her six grandchildren. Five of the grandchildren are wearing matching Christmas pajamas in the photo. The sixth’s pajamas, on the other hand, were clearly out of place with the rest. The child’s position in the image seemed to emphasize the child’s exclusion.

Her daughter-in-previous-law’s marriage produced the excluded child. This, according to the grandmother, meant that the child was not one of her grandchildren. But why go to such lengths to photograph a child who clearly did not belong to the family?

The original caption for the post stated that the incident occurred to the poster’s friend. The poster clarified the situation and asked the internet if Grandma’s unequal Christmas pajamas gift was incorrect.

However, the comments appeared to be unanimous in their condemnation of the grandmother’s actions[2]. The majority of the top liked comments were shocked by the incident: “Absolutely! A family is not formed by blood! I am a stepchild myself, as is my son, and I have a stepdaughter. Family does not need to share DNA, only love! You have every right to be irritated.”

“A child is a child, whether it is yours or not, and they should all be treated the same!” What a shame for that child to have such a family! “How inconsiderate!” Other comments stated that the grandmother could have simply asked the parents for money for the sixth set: “This is horrible to the core!

“She could have offered to order them if they paid even if she didn’t want to buy them!” And, to be honest, if those were my children, none of them would be wearing them. What message does this send to the child and other children? So sad.”

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