Only a gang member pays a visit to an elderly lady on her 100th birthday; her son arrives and does not recognize her house.

An older woman took in a local gang boy, and he was the only one who remembered her birthday. Her son, however, discovered this arrangement and flew to see her, only to discover that everything had changed in his mother’s house. “Mrs. Miller, I have a surprise for you!” Dylan yelled from outside his neighbor’s front door. Erin was an elderly woman who could barely walk, but a 17-year-old boy from her neighborhood, Dylan, had been doing odd jobs around her house for whatever money she could spare, and they had formed a bond she had never imagined.

Other neighbors in her Virginia suburb didn’t like the kid. His father had abandoned the family, and his mother was disabled and received little government assistance. As a result, the child became the breadwinner for the family of four and joined a local gang. Erin didn’t want to pass judgment on him because she knew what it was like to struggle, having raised her son, Gregory, on her own. She had been living paycheck to paycheck for many years, but Gregory was now a successful businessman in California who frequently sent her money.

“Mom, what happened here?” he asked, his eyes wide with surprise. As a result, when the child knocked on her door and asked if she needed anything done in her house, Erin agreed. She later discovered that he needed more money because his mother had become ill again and was hospitalized. Dylan, surprisingly, knew a little bit about everything. A dripping faucet? He was capable of repairing it. Is there a problem with the washing machine? Dylan fixed it. When he didn’t have much to do, he went with Erin and talked. He eventually began bringing his twin little sisters over to babysit when he went out at night.

Erin never inquired as to what he did on those nights, but she was concerned about him. It was strange, though, that he had knocked on the door and called out to her this time. He usually came inside as soon as he walked in the door. Erin shuffled over to her door, shrugging, and to her surprise, Dylan was holding a giant birthday cake with lit candles, and his twin little sisters were beside him. They all began singing happy birthday, and Erin’s hands trembled on her walker as emotion overtook her. When they finished singing, her eyes were wet, and the teenage boy assisted her back to the couch.

She then made a wish and blew out the candles, much to the delight of the twins. Erin looked at the kids as they searched for a knife, plates, and everything else needed to cut the cake and get the treat. They were the only people who knew about her 100th birthday. She had been expecting Gregory to call, but he had not, and her heart had been broken. She knew he was busy, but a quick phone call wasn’t too difficult. The kids presented her with a plate of delicious cake, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Later that night, Erin told Dylan and his sister that they should move in with her so they wouldn’t have to pay rent and could put everything they had into his mother’s situation. It took a few days, but the adolescent eventually agreed. Surprisingly, they fit in perfectly with this new arrangement, and Dylan began rearranging her home, repairing old furniture and finding great deals online. Dylan was there to care for Erin and the house as she lost mobility, fixing and cleaning what he could. Even the 10-year-old twins were capable of preparing simple meals for the family.

The older woman was happier than she had been in years and was overjoyed to be able to assist these children. She had no idea how much her house had changed. Gregory’s plane arrived in Virginia early in the morning. He rented a car and drove straight to his childhood home. He didn’t know what his mother was thinking. One of his neighbors, an old high school friend, called him unexpectedly and informed him that his mother was housing a gang member and two other children. “God, she’s insane,” he grumbled as he turned toward her street. He parked in front of the house, marched up the lawn, right to the door, and turned the knob.

It was unlocked, so he went inside, ready to wake his mother up. Gregory, on the other hand, froze. The house was not what he remembered or expected from his previous visit two years ago. He always sent money to his mother, but she didn’t have the energy to change much, and some items were out of date. She also didn’t clean as much as she should have because of her age, but this place was spotless. It almost shone and appeared more modern than he had anticipated. “Gregory! What exactly are you doing here?” When Erin turned with her walker in the kitchen and saw her son in the middle of the living room, she asked.

“What happened here, Mom?” he asked, looking around in disbelief. “Oh, the house looks nice, doesn’t it? Dylan and his sisters are solely responsible for this. He also has an eye for good deals on furniture and where to put it. It’s quite impressive “Erin said as she followed his gaze. “Dylan?” Gregory grumbled, his lips pursed. “It’s a long story,” she explained. “Sit down with me and we’ll talk.” Despite his desire to chastise his mother for inviting a gang member to her home, Gregory sat quietly and listened to her words without interrupting. When the older woman finished, he was at a loss for words.

She was content. Genuinely delighted, she even pointed to a Polaroid stuck to the fridge. “We took that two months ago for my 100th birthday. I can’t believe Polaroids are making a comeback “Erin responded cheerfully. Her words, however, surprised her son. He had completely forgotten about her birthday, despite the fact that three neighborhood kids had attended. This gang kid didn’t appear to be a threat to his mother. Perhaps his friend had exaggerated. Gregory apologized to his mother for forgetting her birthday and promised to do something special for her soon.

But he also inquired about Dylan and what he was up to. Erin was unable to respond because she lacked knowledge. “I was hoping to get him out of there and into school. He is gifted. He could be an architect or an interior designer, and the girls deserve better than this. They’re going to see their mother in the hospital “Erin did her best to explain. Julie, their mother, was apparently improving and would be discharged soon, so she was also moving in with Erin. Gregory was concerned about the strain on his aging mother, but the older woman appeared more vibrant and happy than she had ever seen her.

That night, he met the wonderful kids, including Dylan. He stayed for a few weeks and was present when their mother was released. Dylan had grown to trust him enough to allow him to assist him, and the teenager eventually told Gregory about his nightlife. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t too bad either. Erin and the rest of the family were not in danger from him, so the businessman returned to California, knowing his mother was genuinely cared for and loved.

He also paid Julie’s medical bills and established a scholarship fund for Dylan. Gregory returned home after Dylan graduated from a local college in Virginia. His mother died soon after, but he allowed Julie and the younger children to stay in the house and paid frequent visits to them. Gregory and Julie fell in love and married a year later, with Dylan serving as best man. Gregory’s only regret in life was that he did not attend his 100th birthday party.

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