A woman constructs a lovely tiny log cabin worth $5,000 using low-cost building materials.

Natalie wishes to live alone and close to nature. So she constructed a lovely, tiny log cabin among the trees. With only $5,000 to work with, she purchased low-cost building materials such as local logs and salvaged materials. With the help of her friends, she was able to construct a two-story log cabin that is less than 400 square feet and is ideal for a single person…

Natalie showing the kitchen's soapstone windowsill.

Natalie stated that building with round logs is difficult, especially when round meets square. Her partner moved in a few years later, and she gave birth to her daughter. Natalie made a wise decision by designing her home with future expansion in mind. She expanded her tiny log cabin from a 400-square-foot home to a 700-square-foot family home.

She meticulously designed their home, ensuring that every space was functional and took advantage of what nature had to offer. When you enter the log cabin, you’ll be directed to Natalie’s kitchen, where she spends the majority of her time. Her sink is made of soapstone, which she carved with the assistance of a friend.

Kitchen's cabinet and shelves made from spruce and walnut building materials.

Her sink’s windowsill is also made of soapstone and faces south, so when the leaves are out in the winter, the sun heats the windowsill, which heats the sink and releases heat into the room. The kitchen features a large wood cook stove with a firebox and a large oven. Copper pipes connect the wood cook stove to a coil in the firebox where water flows for heating.

Natalie's office with wallpanel using old roof slates as building materials.

Natalie stated that she does not want to sleep inside, so they are using the back porch as their outside bedroom, which is one of their log cabin’s best features. She also stated that during the winter, she only sleeps inside.

Log cabin's outdoor bedroom.

“It is so much cheaper to build uninsulated spaces, and it improves your quality of life,” she said, adding that she recommends creating a lot of outdoor spaces and making them larger than indoor spaces. Watch the video below to see more of this lovely log cabin by Tiny House Giant Journey:

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