The little child who was identified as a genius at the age of five has described his current way of life. How is he living now after 23 years?

The child was identified as a mathematical genius at the age of five. He began attending Cambridge at the age of 15. More than one person is now taken aback by its location and work. Arran Fernandez, then 15, enrolled at Cambridge University in 2010. Scientists were astounded by the boy’s achievements when he was only five years old.

While most children are only beginning to grasp the kindergarten curriculum, the youngster has mastered arithmetic at the GCSE (high school in the United Kingdom) level. Arran studied for eight years at the University of Cambridge before passing a math test and earning the title of Senior Specialist. In 2018, he received his master’s degree, followed by his PhD. The associate professor has been the school’s youngest student since 1773.

Arran claims that other Cambridge students immediately recognized him as a superstar. He was older than the other students, but none of that ever bothered him.
Being younger than others is not always advantageous. “It comes naturally to me to talk to and make friends with people of all ages,” Arran added. According to the genius himself, the phrase “wunderkind,” which he frequently heard in his speech, is completely unnecessary.

He values hard work and training over natural talent, which is how he has accomplished so much. Being a prodigy is pointless. Nature, rather than nurture, is the most important factor in my opinion. Arran believes that his parents have provided him with a solid foundation in life. Arran has little recollection of the excellent home education he received from his family when he was a child.

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