A woman who lives alone in a lovely fairytale forest house now wishes to share her experience with others. Take a look inside

This is not the treehouse you remember from your childhood! Tiny House Giant Journey recently featured a dream forest house, complete with beautiful woodwork and craftsmanship that blends the house with the trees. Owner Suzanne, who lives alone in the incredible home, was delighted to give a tour of the home that she has transformed into a unique whimsical Airbnb.

Even someone who lives alone would enjoy the the beautiful forest house.

Walking through the house is like going for a walk in the woods. You’re reminded of the treehouses you used to play in as a child, but with all the comforts of home and gorgeous interior design. Suzanne, a former teacher, lives alone in this incredible 399 square foot tiny house with 13-foot ceilings. The wistful home is located on beautiful Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, just off the coast of Washington State, and was built and designed by the famous designer SunRay Kelley, who has created other similarly fairytale-like homes in his career.

An open deck connects the structures of the forest house.

The finished house demonstrates the designer’s skill with unconventional shapes and geometry. Suzanne was drawn to the house the moment she saw it and purchased it right away. The house is built into the forest and blends in with the trees. Suzanne lived alone in the enchanting forest home for eight years, waking up each day to fresh air, warm sunlight, and the songs of birds in the trees.

The circular main room includes a warm couch and custom book shelves.

How many people can enjoy their morning coffee on a porch overlooking the woods? It appeared to be a dream come true. The house is equally captivating at night, thanks to the numerous lights hung outside. The house is a work of art, and every detail is breathtaking. The geometry found throughout the complex contributes significantly to the house’s charm.

The forest house also has a well appointed kitchen.

Individual rooms are octagonal or curved, in contrast to the typical four-corner house. Apart from the artistic woodwork, the house is notable for its three structures. Anyone living alone in the house may feel overwhelmed by its size, but the interesting architecture makes it a pleasure to live in. The main structure consists of a living room with curved walls, a copper sink, and a cherry live edge alder. The main bedroom is a six-sided structure with large windows on one side.

This woodland house, which is now a vacation rental home, is a magical opportunity that should not be missed. Look at this incredible hobbit-like forest house:

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