Doctors said conjoined twins had a slim chance of survival; however, now that they are separated, both are living life to the fullest.

Doctors said conjoined twins had a slim chance of survival, but now that they’re apart, they’re living life to the fullest. Michelle and Bryan Mirabal owe their happiness to Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Their conjoined twins not only survived birth, but were also successfully separated. The formerly conjoined twins graduated from kindergarten, and their parents are overjoyed.

The couple were shocked to learn Michelle was pregnant after the birth of their first child, Gage. They were even more surprised when the doctor informed them that they were expecting twins who were conjoined. The couple was worried about the future and expected the worst. Conjoined twins have a slim chance of survival, according to doctors, because this is a very rare occurrence. Many people also persuaded them that abortion would be the more compassionate thing to do.

AT Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

“What we’re hearing is something else. People told us that we should have terminated the pregnancy. “There were people telling us we shouldn’t do this,” Michelle explained. Despite the negativity and pressure from others, the couple decided to give the twins a chance at life. Michelle was also in danger of miscarrying, but this did not deter them. They clung to their slim chance of survival, hoping that their children would survive and enjoy the wonders of the world.

The couple’s most anticipated day arrived on December 12, 2014. Michelle Mirabal gave birth to twins Conner and Carter Mirabal safely, but they had to stay in the NICU for a few months until they were separated. The twins had surgery at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. The doctors successfully separated the omphalopagus twins, the most common type of conjoined twins, in a 15-hour surgery.

Carter and Conner just graduated from kindergarten. Wolfson Children’s Hospital

The couple was grateful to the staff at Wolfson Children’s Hospital for their unwavering support for their twins. Following their separation surgery, the twins underwent numerous intestine surgeries, with each spending time on a feeding tube and a ventilator. After a year, they were finally allowed to return home. “We are fortunate to be going through it because this does not happen to everyone, and they are miracle babies,” Michelle said.

Since then, the twins have grown and thrived just like any other child. They started preschool last fall and had back surgery earlier this year. Despite a jumble of happy and sad events for their twins, Michelle and Bryan are pleased with how things turned out for their family. They continue to share updates on social media about their twins’ progress. Carter and Conner recently graduated from preschool, which was great news for everyone.

Formerly conjoined twins Carter and Conner. Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

“In their short lives, these two have accomplished and been through so much,” the couple wrote on Facebook. “Between being conjoined at birth and having a 15-hour separation surgery. They were poked, prodded, and kept in the hospital for over a year.

Mirabal family

Therapies, doctors, and even more surgeries. G-tubes, feeding tubes, learning to eat, walk, and talk, and now they’re here!! Graduating from pre-k, something doctors weren’t sure they’d be able to do! We couldn’t be happier for Conner and Carter!” Of course, all of the twins’ achievements were made possible by their parents, who never gave up on them and continue to fight for their precious lives.

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