Photos! You Miss About Grocery Stores In the Old Days

There was a time when grocery shops were not what they are now. Rather of requiring consumers to join savings clubs in order to take advantage of discount pricing, retailers awarded incentives merely for being a client. It was a different age when the supermarket was still a novel notion. Previously, individuals had utilized a mix of butchers, produce shops, and general stores to stock their pantries. But once supermarkets really took off, it was a completely other ball game.

Today, however, many grocery store standards have shifted dramatically. Take a look at some of the things we miss about old-fashioned supermarkets. There was a time when purchasing the same soap week after week could earn you a full set of dinnerware. If you purchased the same jelly every time, you’d have a large collection of jelly jar drinking cups. There was always someone there to assist you if you needed it. This was true for every section in the shop.

There was usually someone working at the customer service counter. Back in the day, it seemed like there was always some type of prize being given away, from modest items to large giveaways. It used to be that the bagger would inquire whether you needed assistance carrying your goods to your vehicle. It was seen as a perk of doing business there. To children, the dumpsters resembled the lost metropolis of Atlantis.

If you were really fortunate, your parents would assist you in selecting a little bag of assorted candy. Who else was a fan of the Neapolitans? Most supermarkets used to run with plenty of open check counters and a grin. There never seem to be enough lanes available in the current world, and no one is smiling. What a difference from today!

Even going to the grocery store required individuals to dress up. Going out in public, most individuals have a minimal standard for themselves. Shopping for groceries in sweats or jammies was just not done. In fact, most ladies shopped while wearing a cap and/or gloves!

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