A 5-year-old boy dialed 911 but didn’t know where he lived. What occurred at the conclusion

Artem, who was 5 years old at the time, called 911 after his mother passed out, despite not knowing the exact address of the house. The woman was at home with her young son when she became ill. Artem and his mother Karina were on their way to kindergarten when Artem began acting up. His mother’s blood pressure rose, she collapsed on the bed, and she passed out.

The five-year-old boy did not go insane and dial 911 by accident. Little Artem claimed that his mother taught him to call 911, so he did so as soon as the woman stopped moving. He claims that his mother awoke while he was speaking with the specialist. He handed her the phone, but she was unable to speak. So her mother gave her the address, but she can’t remember it. Karina explained that they only recently moved into this apartment, so the boy hasn’t yet remembered the address.

“Artyom really saved me,” Karina said. When the ambulance arrived, I had extremely high blood pressure, was in excruciating pain, couldn’t open my eyes, and my arms and legs were numb. Experts arrived in time to assist the woman. The story only ended well because a little boy did the right thing. In an emergency, his mother had taught him to dial 911.

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