Watch This wonderful video! How these Newborn Twins Think They’re Still In The Womb While Getting A Bath

The adorable twin babies in this video have only recently been born. In fact, they haven’t even realized they’re out in the world… They still believe they are in the womb!

This nurse uses a special technique to place them in a bath with a soft stream of water from the faucet that gently falls onto their faces — it’s designed to help the babies adjust to their new surroundings. Surprisingly, the newborns are not alarmed by this procedure.

Rather than crying or panicking, they hold hands and cuddle until they can take their first breaths of air through their tiny mouths. Slowly, the adorable babies begin to move, eventually opening their eyes to their new surroundings and to life. They are both absolutely adorable! They yawn, hold hands, stretch, and even enjoy the water’s flow.

It’s extremely rare to be able to witness the beginning of a new life, let alone two! This video captures an incredible moment, and it serves as a constant reminder of how precious, fragile, and beautiful life is. Watch and share these precious babies’ beautiful first moments in the video below.

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