Caring cockatoo and cute baby boy become best friends (More funny photos below)

Grietje lived in Belgium with Marni, her lovely white cockatoo. She was a bird lover who treated Marni like family from the start. The adorable bird was always by her side while she was pregnant. Marni would sit on her swollen stomach, as if he were assisting her in hatching the egg. He was intrigued by her pregnancy and would often sit near the baby crib. He’d lie on his back, waiting for his daily dose of tickles.

This, however, changed after Rémi was born. The bird became envious when he noticed that the baby was also receiving a lot of attention and love. So Grietje enlisted Marni’s help while the baby slept. Marni gradually realized that he should not be jealous of the baby and grew close to him. Rémi had become the bird’s new friend.

Grietje also brought a lot of parrot-themed toys in order for the baby to become attached to the cockatoo. She also made certain that the baby knew how to treat Marni. They became inseparable very quickly. Grietje, Marni, and Rémi went on an adventure trip to Switzerland over the holidays.

Grietje intended to travel to many more countries in the future. Marni even got some of the baby’s food. Marni was always like an older sibling to Rémi. Marni and Rémi now have a brotherly bond. Cockatoos can live for up to 80 years, and Grietje is overjoyed that her baby now has a friend for life and will be able to live with Rémi one day.

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