The boy was eight years old, and he and his family were homeless. He had a business idea, and 8 months later, he and his family purchased an apartment.

The family of an eight-year-old boy was on the verge of losing their home due to the economy and debts. The adults were stumped as to how to get out of the situation, but the boy was more astute. He had a business idea, and 8 months later, he bought an apartment. Berenice Pacheco couldn’t pay the high rent for an apartment in Los Angeles on time because she had three children. The woman lost her job and had to resign as a result of viruses.

Bérénice was forced to relocate to a barn, which lacked basic necessities. The woman suggested to her eight-year-old son Aaron that he start his own business and learn how to buy toys on his own during a pleasant conversation. Berenice quickly forgot what they had discussed, but the boy had a lot of thoughts about it. When it got dark, the boy decided to start selling the plants he had purchased. With the $12 he had saved, he went to a nearby market and purchased eight succulents.

He was able to sell them for $16, making a small profit. Every day, more and more adults gave the boy money tips, causing his savings to grow. Aaron set up his own Instagram page to sell items. His story was quickly covered in the news, bringing it to the attention of even more people. Then, a group of people who cared about Aaron’s family organized an auction to raise funds for them.

Since launching his company eight months ago, the boy has earned up to $40,000 through auctions. This sum was sufficient for the family to purchase a small apartment on the outskirts of town. And the company’s popularity grows as more people learn about the young entrepreneur. Aaron isn’t going to stop there. He plans to buy a better home for his family next year.

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