This woman was about to give birth to her son, and she was proclaiming him to be a miracle. Until she had a child, doctors did not take her seriously.

Joe Powell and her husband Richard have been trying to have a child for years, but it’s been a long and difficult road. They got what they wanted in 2010! Joe’s mood quickly shifted from happy to sad a few days later. Something felt wrong in the woman’s chest… She was terrified the moment she and her husband arrived.

would lose the child they had hoped for for so long. The doctors arrived at a conclusion. Breast cancer was the diagnosis. Treatment was supposed to begin immediately, but Jo refused to begin chemo while she was still pregnant. Because of the pregnancy, the hormones became more active and there were more of them, which exacerbated the cancer. This has been shown to hasten the spread of cancer throughout the body.

Joe must make the most important decision of his life. Doctors told the woman in her tenth week of pregnancy that she would have to kill one of her babies. It’s the only way you’ll survive. The couple made a decision that stunned all of the doctors and made their family famous around the world. Taking risks is a good thing to do. Jo refused an abortion and. Today, she and her son Jake are relieved that she is completely recovered.

“I knew we couldn’t abandon our child. I didn’t even have the option of allowing him to die so that I could live. I can’t believe we’re both still alive.
“I believe I am the luckiest woman on the planet!” Joe acknowledged it. This story demonstrates that miracles do occur in life, but only if you work hard for them.

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