Florida man discovers a $40,000 diamond ring and returns it to its owner; he then discovers another diamond ring.

A man enjoyed walking around his hometown with his metal detector in search of hidden treasures. He was taken aback when he discovered a massive diamond ring in St. Augustine, Florida. He had something valuable, but he didn’t keep it. Joseph Cook was an avid metal detectorist who enjoyed combing beaches. On his missions, he frequently discovered valuable items; however, he never kept the treasures. Cook enjoyed locating the owners and returning their misplaced belongings whenever possible.

He documented his adventures online, and a video of one of his shocking discoveries went viral. He discovered a ring worth thousands of dollars. Cook was no stranger to discovering valuable items, but when his metal detector picked up something in 2022, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. He assumed it was a nickel, but he was mistaken. It was a diamond engagement ring.

TikTok captured the moment he saw the ring. Cook couldn’t believe what he was seeing and exclaimed. “Woah! Woah! Take a look at that bad boy! That is correct. That is the largest diamond I’ve ever discovered on the beach.” Cook’s ordinary day of metal detecting on Hammock Beach quickly became something more when he took the diamond and platinum ring to a jeweler and learned it was worth more than $40,000!

Cook had recovered and returned items totaling $60,000 in the past, but he had never found a single item worth as much as the diamond ring. He couldn’t say anything, but he did something that stunned many people. True, Cook added an incredible twist to an already fantastic story. He discovered something else a few minutes after confirming the ring’s owner. Cook was determined to find the ring’s owner rather than selling it and pocketing the proceeds.

After posting about it online for two weeks, he began receiving phone calls from an unknown number. He initially ignored the calls, but when he answered, he discovered they were from the ring’s alleged owner. The ring, according to the man from Jacksonville, belonged to his wife. Cook was overjoyed to confirm he had found the rightful owners after verifying the ring’s unique number and checking the purchase receipts presented by the man claiming to be the ring’s owner. He ran into the man and returned the costly item.

They called the man’s wife, who burst into tears when she learned her ring had been found. Her relief was palpable, and she expressed gratitude to Cook for his kindness and candor. According to the metal detectors: “They were overjoyed. The wife was on a FaceTime call and simply said, ‘I can’t believe it,’ before breaking down in tears.”
Cook wasn’t let down when it came to returning his exciting discovery.

It was a pleasure and an honor for him to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. He also believed in karma, as stated by him: “Karma is always good; every time I return an item, I find something better, so I’m glad I was able to return it. Karma exists.” True, Cook added an incredible twist to an already fantastic story. He discovered something else a few minutes after confirming the ring’s owner. It was yet another priceless diamond ring!

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