An antique collector in Texas decided to turn an old grain silo into a one-of-a-kind guesthouse. Take a look inside!

People’s inventiveness knows no bounds. Anything can be transformed into something beautiful, trendy, and functional with the right tools, support, and a little imagination! These days, you can build a house out of almost anything that has the space and foundation for it, from shipping containers to school buses. Amy Kleinwachter, an antique collector and store owner, is always on the lookout for valuable or collectible items that most people would pass over.

silo guesthouse owner Amy Kleinwachter on her porch

She enjoys collecting various salvage materials, repurposing them, and breathing new life into them to add character and style to a space or room. As a result, the antique collector has accumulated a large number of unusual but potentially valuable design and architectural pieces. Amy collects these one-of-a-kind finds from all over the world. But her best find to date is a silo she obtained from a ranch near her home in La Grange, Texas.

dental window panes from an old dentist office was used in Amy's silo house

The plan was to make a cute guesthouse out of the silo. A silo guesthouse would be an excellent addition to the farmhouse’s 10 acres of land. Amy decided to use the salvaged silo as the foundation of her tiny guesthouse because her farmhouse was also built with salvaged materials. They began going through Amy’s massive collection of headboards, window frames, and sheet metals with the assistance of a local contractor, Judy Kurtze.

Amy aimed for an organic look to retain its rustic and eclectic vibe

Building a circular guesthouse out of a silo was a tall order, but Judy came up with a brilliant and beautiful solution. Amy’s collection of old windows and metal awnings finally found a home in the silo guesthouse. They fit in perfectly with the design, according to the antique collector, adding a lot of depth and ‘rugged fussiness’ to it. They add definition to a space without the need for hanging artwork.

the paint weathering on walls keeps the authentic look of the farmhouse

Amy also used a set of dental panes that she purchased from a friend who bought them from a dentist’s office. Its height and width were ideal for the circular design of the silo, and it was large enough to let in some natural light. The adorable guesthouse has a charming decor and a cohesive style on the inside. Amy also took great care in selecting the ideal silo plan.

repurposed phone nook that works as a flush-mount bathroom shelving

It should not stand out because it appears to be too perfect or too random. Paint weathering is an important detail that can help make it appear more organic. Who would have guessed that an old phone nook could be used as flush-mount bathroom shelving? Even the old liquidation signs and champagne crates added a one-of-a-kind and creative touch to the living room.

the silo guesthouse's sitting area with eclectic furniture

This adorable guesthouse also has a front porch where family, friends, and visiting pickers can sit, talk, or drink coffee while admiring farm life. It’s incredible how a massive tin can be transformed into a tiny guesthouse complete with a bed and bath. Building a circular house may have been difficult, but Amy and her contractor did an excellent job converting a silo into a functional space.

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