Take a Look at How the Former Siamese Twins Look Now That They’re Separated

On September 19, 2016, two Zalte twins, Prince and Love, were born at a maternity facility in Mumbai, India. Shetal discovered she was carrying Siamese twins in the fifth month of her pregnancy. The Zalte family began. They were putting money aside for the upcoming treatment, unsure whether it would be able to separate them. Following their birth, the cubs were thoroughly examined. Many specialists quickly realized that they might be separated after some time.

Chetal and Sagar were certain that splitting up their children was the right decision. The most cost-effective medical facility was chosen. A team of doctors began the lengthy process of preparing the boys for separation when they were one year old. At this point, about two months had passed. The operation was scheduled to take place on December 12th, 2017. For 12 hours, thirty experts worked nonstop to save the children’s lives.

Dr. Shakuntala Prabhu blessed their parents with good news early that morning: “Everything went great!” The kids had to mature quickly and learn a lot on their own. Children did not usually begin walking without assistance until they were two years old. The doctors followed them for a year. They’ve grown close enough to be considered family over the course of their time together. On the first anniversary of the split, each member of the clinic staff went to the Zalte home for tea and birthday cake.

The separation of the conjoined twins was a significant step forward in the clinic’s evolution. She is now regarded as a pioneer in her field and a national leader in addressing such issues. The twins have been separated since 2017, making them approximately 4 years old. Today’s youth live in a constantly changing environment in which they rarely stand out. The brothers spend the majority of their time in close proximity to one another.

They share the same emotional experience and have similar interests. And it’s not surprising given that they were essentially one entity just 2.5 years ago. Most of the kids I know have big dreams of making it big in sports. The most important aspect is that they are in good physical and emotional health.

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