‘How Should I Proceed? I only want to invite one of my son’s twins to play, but I don’t want the other twin to feel left out.’

A mother sought advice on the internet, asking whether it is appropriate to involve only one twin because ‘it’s awkward’ to have them both. The woman explained on the Mumsnet forum that her son gets along better with one twin than the other, but she doesn’t want the other twin to feel left out. “One of my son’s best friends is a twin. “He is really only friends with one twin and has been since preschool,” she wrote.

The woman explained that they invite both twins to birthday parties and play dates. “However, they don’t really play as a three,” she continued. “It’s mostly my son and the one twin getting along. “They’re getting a little older now.” I’m wondering if I should invite both twins. They’re 9 years old.” Seeking advice from parents of twins, she asked: “At what age did your twins start doing things separate (eg not both going to a play date, seeing friends separately)?

“I don’t want to upset the other twin or make them feel left out, or make a difficult situation for the mum. However, inviting both is awkward when they don’t really play together. “Is it okay if we only invite one twin to play at ours? Or are you still going to extend the invitation to both?” Twin parents were quick to share their experiences, with one writing, “I had a friend at school who was a twin. They were never seen together for play dates or parties.”

“I’m a twin,” wrote another. My sister always had different friends. We only ever went to parties together if we were both friends with that child, which was uncommon. You don’t have to invite the twin because I’m sure they have their own circle of friends.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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