After noticing a reflection in a photo, a woman discovers her boyfriend is ‘cheating.’

Kayla Paeth realized her boyfriend was cheating on her when she noticed someone else’s reflection in a photo he sent her. According to reports, 74% of men and 68% of women have admitted to cheating if it meant their partner would never catch them. By any standard, those are staggering figures. People are caught all the time, and sometimes in the most bizarre ways. This incident was no exception, with something in a photo revealing everything.

On top of that, the cheating boyfriend had the audacity to tell her “it should have been you” when he was confronted. What a jerk… The video of evidence of her cheating boyfriend, titled “Gots to do better my guy lmao,” caused quite a stir on TikTok. “Gotta do better my guys lmao,” she captions her Instagram post. The evidence is clear when you look at the image. Two pans are visible on a stove. Cooking something resembling ground beef and eggs, is not a particularly appetizing combination.

If you look at the reflection of the stove above, you’ll notice that it’s not her now ex-boyfriend taking the photo. Long acrylic nails, bracelets, a ring, and even an Apple watch are dead giveaways. Her cheating boyfriend’s video has since received over 4 million views and 500,000 likes. Viewers were outraged by the cheating boyfriend’s behavior and slammed him. They also advised Paeth to find out who this other woman was, assuming she was equally guilty. “Please let that girl know,” one viewer says. I’d be so upset if I cooked for someone else and the photos were sent to someone.”

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