Identical twin boys were born with completely different skin tones. How they look now?

Despite the fact that one has dark skin and the other has white skin, these mixed-race boys are twins. Holden Keller inherited blond hair and blue eyes from his mother, Amy Keller, 36, while his brother Hayden inherited darker skin and auburn hair from his African-American father.

Amy, who is raising 15-month-old fraternal twins on her own, was told during her pregnancy that she should expect identical twins because the babies shared a placenta. However, the babies had different skin tones when they were born just seven minutes apart in December 2018.

The boys, who were born prematurely at 29 weeks in The Woodlands Medical Center, draw attention everywhere they go, and people can’t believe they’re brothers, let alone twins. Holden has blonde hair and fair skin like me – I believe my family is mostly of Scandinavian and German descent – and Hayden is darker skinned like my ex-partner, he’s African American.

Unfortunately, he is no longer in the picture, and I am raising the twins on my own. “When I realized it, I thought it was funny because my doctors had been convinced all along that they were the same. “As they get older, their differences become so obvious that some people don’t believe they’re brothers.” Amy describes her sons’ personalities as “so different” from their appearances. Hayden is ‘absolutely fearless’ while Holden is ‘mama’s little boy’.

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