This 2-year-old baby’s face becomes red and blistered, and her mother recalls who kissed her 8 months ago.

Savina French-Bell, a mother, went through the agony of seeing her 2-year-old daughter Sienna Duffield suffer from a blistering rash. She not only couldn’t help her child, but doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong for months. The day after her daughter’s second birthday, Savina noticed a rash on her daughter’s face. It wasn’t just a small pink patch. The rash that appeared on Sienna’s skin was extremely concerning.

“It looked like someone had thrown acid on her face,” Savina said. “It went from her mouth to her cheeks to above her eyes.” Savina tried creams and ointments, but they didn’t work. Even doctors couldn’t come up with a solution. Sienna’s face had been a bloody mess for eight months, covered in itchy bumps and patches, painful blisters, and scabbing from her constant scratching. The rash, according to Savina, is eating the flesh off Sienna’s face.

Her daughter’s clothes were always stained with blood, and the sores around her mouth made eating a nightmare. She was eventually hospitalized and forced to receive nutrients via IV. Savina was desperate for an answer that would put her baby girl at ease. She went over everything that had happened prior to the onset of Sienna’s rash. Savina realized the outbreak occurred shortly after a relative kissed Sienna eight months into the rash.

That relative unknowingly had herpes, which Sienna picked up at her birthday party. Doctors were eventually able to diagnose Sienna with Herpes Simplex Virus 1. (HSV-1)
Doctors were able to treat Sienna and completely eliminate the rash after Savina discovered the source of the problem. Her skin has healed, and her daughter’s face now looks amazing, according to Savina. Although the infection has not returned, the toddler is still vulnerable to a recurrence.

Sienna’s case should serve as a warning to all parents and adults to avoid kissing children on the lips. Cold sores (HSV-1) are contagious, and you may not even realize you’re a carrier of the virus until it’s too late. Spread love rather than germs. And be mindful of the contact you make with others, especially when it comes to vulnerable and defenseless children.

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