In the park, a man discovers a baby wrapped in a towel. What happens next is deeply moving.

Raul Marin Seha had not anticipated anything unusual happening to him that Saturday morning. He crossed the river like any other day, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary. But then, on the shore, the guy noticed a dirty bundle, which seemed strange to him because he wasn’t here the day before. Suddenly, the bundle shifted.

Fearful of coming across a dangerous animal, Raul slowly approached the creature wrapped inside, filming everything on his phone’s camera. He was stunned and threw off the fabric abruptly. The package contained a baby!

The little girl appeared to have just been born, with the umbilical cord still attached to her tummy. Raoul, stunned, grabbed the child and dashed to the nearest hospital. Raul’s encounter with the abandoned baby came at the perfect time. The girl was able to provide the necessary assistance in the hospital.

Regardless, no information about the parents has been received. However, the young man, who felt a special connection with the baby he discovered, decided to adopt the girl! Raoul’s family wholeheartedly supported him in this decision! The new father has never been happier. It’s amazing how fate brought him to his daughter at the right time and place!

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