Fishermen discovered a girl in the tundra and cleaned her up.

This strange story took place in the tundra in the spring. When police officers patrolling the area discovered an abandoned child, they decided to take him to a local orphanage until the circumstances could be determined.

The child had been lost or thrown away by a group of reindeer herders; he was dressed in traditional reindeer herder clothing. The Nenets baby was covered in dirt, smelled bad, and looked exactly the same. Her parents had to look for a long time because reindeer herders frequently relocate due to the need to graze deer. Nonetheless, they showed up. The girl apparently fell off the sled in the tundra at the start of spring.

They came to the orphanage to take her away, but when they saw her, they refused. All because the girl was washed away… by a layer of dirt. Her parents explained that the tundra is now dangerous for her because midges and other insects that become active in this latitude in the summer will literally eat her. A little girl will not be able to cope with a midge that adults can brush off. As a result, the baby remained in the orphanage until the fall — what should be done in such a case?

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