The world’s most rare triplets. Here’s what happened to them.

Twins are already an event, and triplets are a complete miracle! But the case of the sisters Mackenzie, Maisie, and Madeleine is surprising for other reasons as well. This is the second case in which two of the three twins were born Siamese, with the third being a normal child with no deviations. Despite all of the doctors’ predictions, Macy and Mackenzie survived the critical first few days.

The biological mother, on the other hand, abandoned the children. Darla and Jeff Garrison eventually took in the babies. They were already proud parents of three boys, but that didn’t stop them from adopting foster children. The adoptive parents made the fateful decision to separate the babies in a way that allowed each of them to live their own lives.

The skin in the fusion sites had to be stretched on a special skin expander to make the operation easier. This procedure is quite dangerous and takes nearly a day. But everything went swimmingly! Each of the girls only paid for the separation with her foot. Macy and Mackenzie were both left with only one leg. True, and medicine came to the rescue in the form of prostheses in this case.

Darle and Jeff were allowed to fully adopt the babies two years after the operation. The entire family of eight now lives happily in an Iowa country house. The girls even have their own horse, which they enjoy riding.

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