At 21, she first wanted to give birth: But when she decided to become a mother for the seventh time, everything did not go as the doctors had planned

Natalie Suleman rose to international prominence six years ago. The media dubbed her “Octomama,” derived from the Latin “octo” – eight. Natalie gave birth to eight children all at once. Despite the fact that she was already raising six children at the time. However, it all began much earlier, when Natalie, 21, approached the specialists and expressed her desire to become a mother through artificial insemination.

All of her children were born “from a test tube,” one after the other. In 2013, the woman returned to the doctors because she desired another child. Doctors fertilized 12 eggs at once to ensure pregnancy. As a result, Natalie was preparing to become a mother to eight children at the same time. Journalists took notice of the single mother at that point. Natalie captured the imagination not only with her large belly, but also with her unusual life position.

She raised her children alone and did not appear to be concerned about the future. But she was out of work at the time. A single unemployed mother with 14 children in her arms was not the front-page story for long; the media quickly moved on. Natalie, 34, appears to have handled her maternal duties admirably; at the very least, the guardianship services did not attempt to remove the children.

To support her family, the woman performed striptease and appeared in porn. This provided financial security for her large family, but it did not bring the woman joy; she began to take antidepressants. Then journalists began to notice her again. A candid photo of the famous mother began to circulate in the media, people continued to say that the children needed to be taken away from her, and guardianship authorities visited the house on a regular basis.

However, when Natalie returned home from work in March 2013, she was surprised to see her ten-year-old daughter walking around the house wearing her mother’s sexy clothes and high heels. The woman became acutely aware of the poor example she was setting for her children. Natalie made the decision to leave the past behind and begin a new life. She is now a family therapist, which is her specialty.

Strange, given that her own experience differs greatly from the traditional concept of a family. “I am married to my family and my children,” says the woman, who has never married. “I can’t take time away from my own children to give to a stranger.” It’s an intriguing position. Natalie’s Instagram is no longer full of candid swimsuit photos, but of family walks in the park, in which she and her 14 children appear content with life. What are your thoughts?

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