The girl was forced to wear these clothes to school by her parents. She returned home weeping

12-year-old Kylie Olsen from the United States is passionate about fashion. The girl enjoys going shopping for new clothing. Kylie has always been extremely concerned with her appearance. Occasionally too much. The girl began to ridicule and make fun of her classmate, who simply could not afford to pursue fashion. Her impoverished parents purchased her clothing from a thrift store.

“You stupid slut! You look very stupid!” Kylie ridiculed her. Their stepmother of Olsen was shocked upon learning this! She abhorred ridicule from the school bench and could not permit her stepdaughter to behave in such a manner. She chose to teach the girl about respecting others. She did it in a very creative manner. The stepmother accompanied Kylie to a thrift store and instructed her to select the worst dresses.

The girl found everything amusing. She was unaware that she would be required to wear these eerie outfits to school for the next two days. Parents forced their daughter to wear these dresses so she could “sit in the shoes” of a less fortunate classmate. Kylie did not comprehend why her parents were so cruel to her. The children cruelly mocked her in class, causing her to experience the agony of being laughed at by everyone.

Kylie quickly realized she was mistaken. The girl stopped judging others based on their appearance and began to view them from a different perspective. The most important factor is your personality. Kylie apologized to a classmate she frequently bul-lied and asked for forgiveness. The two girls shared so many similarities that they quickly became best friends! Kylie may have never made new friends if she had not stopped focusing so much on the physical appearance of her classmates.

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