Meet the 25-year-old man who worshiped as a god by villagers

Singh lives in the village of Ramditt Wala in the northern Indian region of Mansa. Manpreet Singh is a truly unique Indian. The man appears to be no more than six months old, but this is not the case. Manprit Singh is already 25, but a rare and mysterious disease caused him to stop growing and developing after six months Right now, the man is only 60 cm tall and weighs 7 kg.

And these parameters are not typical of how an adult’s body grows and changes. People in the village where Manpritu Singh now lives, on the other hand, regard him as a god and come to him every day to bow and ask for blessings. Manpreet Singh’s family is poor, so neither the boy’s mother nor father ever had even a fraction of what they would have needed to pay for his complicated medical training.

The parents of the strange boy hope that by spreading their child’s story, the media will bring Manpreet Singh’s problems to the attention of people all over the world. The man has a younger brother and sister, but they do not have similar issues. His parents claim that he was healthy until he was 6 months old, when something unexpected happened. Doctors who have examined the unusual child are certain that it is a rare thyroid gland problem. Similar cases have occurred in medicine before, but they are uncommon.

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