Student Challenges His Teacher To A Dance Battle And Instantly Gets Schooled

Yolanda Turner, a long-time teacher at Sumner High School in Hillsborough County, Florida, was challenged to a dance battle by a student. It was the final week before winter break, and the students were brimming with anticipation. Yolanda stated: “‘Can we have a dance battle?’ [The students] asked. Can we have a dance off?'”

Yolanda decided to grant the students’ request because they had been working hard on exams all week. The cafeteria began playing “Lose Control” by Missy Elliot, which was a favorite of Yolanda’s. “That song, “Lose Control,” is one of my favorites. It certainly gets everyone up and moving. So when it came on, I was ecstatic, and the crowd was ecstatic as well “Yolanda said in an interview after the video went viral.

Yolanda was challenged, and the student began dancing in the center of the large ring of students. Yolanda showed off her moves after he finished dancing, and the cafeteria erupted in applause. Nobody expected their teacher to be able to dance so well! “I was watching the young man, and I was like, oh god, don’t make me have to get on these knees, don’t make me have to use these knees,” Yolanda said of the dance battle.

Yolanda has worked at Sumner High School for about 23 years. She may have appeared old to her students, but not any longer! The dance battle revealed a young and lively woman with hidden dancing abilities. People have praised Yolanda on social media, thanking her for genuinely caring about the students “What a blessing to see how different teachers can inspire and motivate students! What a wonderful Christmas present for them to receive before the holidays! “Cindy Snapp posted on Twitter.

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