I’m probably going to be in a wheelchair. It’s scary because I don’t know. I don’t know what my future holds. I’m very paranoid and scared.’

A portion of an epidural needle was discovered lodged in the spine of a 14-year-old woman. Amy Bright, 41, had a c-section in a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital. Only two months later, she had her first bout of severe back pain, which has plagued her ever since. During a CT scan last year, a 3 cm-long needle was discovered buried in her spine. The needle allegedly snapped off at that point. When she realized this, she was filled with awe, rage, and horror.

This made her realize that the epidural she had received for Jacob’s birth ten years before was the source of her pain. Amy’s mobility has been severely restricted due to nerve damage in her left foot and leg. She claims that the pain she has been experiencing for the past 14 years is the result of scar tissue caused by the needle moving inside her spine. Amy has seen numerous doctors, who have prescribed her various pain relievers, but the pain persists.

It feels like fire and is scorching next to my tailbone. It runs down the left side of her calf and into her foot, she claims. Bright and her attorney, Sean Cronin, filed a lawsuit against the federal government because the needle caused permanent nerve damage to Bright. Cronin claims that the failed spinal needle insertion attempt in September 2003 was the fault of Florida’s Naval Hospital.

He claims that despite being aware of the faulty needle and having the opportunity to prevent the injury, staff members did nothing to address the situation. Bright is currently suing the Naval Hospital for negligence. We can’t help but wish her the best, both in terms of the law suit she intends to file against the federal government and, more importantly, in terms of her health and her ability to get rid of the ‘burning’ sensation in her back. Amy, may you find justice!

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