The mother, 42, thought she was expecting triplets. However, during childbirth, the doctors were taken aback.

Kimberly Fugate is an ordinary woman. She happily married, and the couple soon had a daughter. But, at 42, Kimberly discovers something that, at her age, many find unbelievable: a woman is 13 weeks pregnant. The news was a huge surprise for the family, especially her husband Craig, and it turned out to be far from the last. Kimberly was expecting three children.

The couple had not even considered having a second child, so the news of the triplets came as a complete surprise to them. Craig was particularly concerned about his wife’s age. Regardless, the couple began making plans for the arrival of new family members. The babies were apparently eager to get into a new home as well, as they decided to be born after six months of pregnancy.

Fortunately, the birth went well: the doctors had the triplets safely delivered when they were taken aback: “I see more feet!” exclaimed one of the doctors. “I yelled no!” Kimberly exclaims. To say what happened shocked me is an understatement. “When you think about it, it all seems incredible and changes our entire life,” the mother says, smiling. – Every day, I tried to get used to it, to digest this situation.

I know that everything will be fine”. After all of the unbelievable events seemed to have come to an end, the Fugat family received even more unbelievable news. They were monozygotic twins. The likelihood of such an event has been reduced to 1 in 13 million – lightning strikes people more frequently. “I was just confused,” Dr. James Bofil said of what had happened. It was mentioned to me by a coworker.

“I thought she was making fun of me!” Because the girls were born prematurely, they had to spend some time in the hospital. They were returned home after a few weeks, where they were finally welcomed by their older sister. Meanwhile, Kimberly relished her mothering role: “I wake up every morning, I see their smiles, I hear their first gurgles – I am simply overwhelmed with joy!”

These babies have become the biggest surprise in my life, and I can’t imagine not having them!” Kimberly now considers her quadruplets to be a miraculous twist of fate, without which her life would not have been so bright. She had no intention of having a second child, but mother nature intervened and blessed her with four! The Fugat family’s story demonstrates that the best things happen unexpectedly. Share this story with your friends if it has inspired you!

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