Bride Slammed Online For Wearing CROCS On Her Wedding Day And Many Claimed That It Is ‘NOT Acceptable’

A bride sparked a heated debate by opting to wear blinged-out Crocs on her wedding day. In the Wedding Ideas Facebook group, one woman sparked a lengthy debate about her footwear, with some women criticizing her for having “no class.” “Wedding crocodiles? “Do you say yes or no?” the post stated. Opinionated brides were quick to express their feelings about wearing Crocs to a wedding, with one commenting, “No no no no no. Maybe in 1990?

Crocs are acceptable almost everywhere – in fact, I can’t think of anywhere where they aren’t – but people buy them, so someone has to wear them.” “The only reason crocs have holes is to let all your self-respect and dignity run out through them!!!!” said another. “That’s the problem,” said a third. People no longer have any sense of class. Nobody dresses up; it’s all about being comfortable.

“That looks like crocs,” someone else said. I mean, disgusting. Just being truthful. They surely could of worn a flat pretty sandal or shoe. I’m hoping the bride didn’t wear crocs. Such a turn off.” Others, however, were quick to defend the comfortable footwear, with one Crocs fan declaring, “Love them! Why not be comfortable? It’s fantastic, in my opinion! Heck, if I could have walked down the aisle in crocs as a bride, I would have!”

“I vote yes,” said another. Bridesmaids with happy feet are happy bridesmaids. Hopefully, they’ll be able to dance in crocs… Why injure yourself in order to look good in front of other women who are also injuring their feet, knees, backs, and necks with uncomfortable shoes?” “I am not a heel at all,” a third comfort-first bride added. “Crocs for the ceremony and Converse for the reception.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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