This woman Left Distraught After Spotting A DENT In Her Chin Following A Cosmetic Procedure. How she looks now is amazing

A woman recalled the consequences of a cosmetic procedure that left her looking like Buzz Lightyear. Megan Carlisle of the United States was taken aback when she signed up for a routine Botox procedure to improve her appearance and ended up with a deformed-looking chin. According to the young influencer’s TikTok video, her face after the procedure appears normal when relaxed but heavily uneven and deformed when her muscles tense.

“Get botox in your chin they said… wtf,” the 35-year-old wrote, describing the botched procedure as her “husband’s worst nightmare.” The video quickly went viral, with hundreds of people commenting that something similar had happened to them as well. “Mine does that for a few days before it kicks in fully. “I was terrified the first time,” wrote someone. “It looks completely normal for the first two weeks while it takes effect!”

“You just need more if it stays like this after two weeks,” another said. “Wait, this happened to me…” said a third. It was terrifying. It was gone after about a week. And she didn’t look like that any longer.” Some viewers found Megan’s new chin amusing, telling her that it reminded them of moon craters and Buzz Lightyear. Megan provided an update after her video went viral, claiming that her chin had returned to normal after nearly two weeks of recovery.

“It’s all kicked in, and I’m very happy with how it looks,” she confessed in a subsequent video. What are your feelings about cosmetic procedures? Please let us know in the comments, and please SHARE this post with your family and friends. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and stories!

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