The adopted son does not abandon his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and their conversation touched everyone.

Heart-to-heart relationships are frequently much deeper and more phenomenal than blood ties. An adoptive mother-son duo melted hearts and sparked indescribable emotions with their touching conversations. Here’s a taste of their lovely story. Turk Edwards, a TikTok user, has been making waves online with heartwarming videos featuring his beloved mother.

Turk’s “TurkTok” has become a fan favorite due to the raw emotions and love its clips encapsulate, with over 204,000 subscribers and over 3.1 million likes on its content. His account is peppered with clips of himself and his mother, demonstrating how much he values the person who dedicated his life to him. Her videos have received a lot of love and appreciation from netizens, with one video receiving millions of views.

Turk spoke with his adoptive mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, in one of his most viral videos of 2021, which received nearly 7 million views. He helped her clean her mouth as she rested her head, looking at him, and added softly: “I am the little baby you adopted and raised. Turk replied, “I was eight months old,” when his mother asked how old he was. She couldn’t stop crying after hearing those words, and seeing his emotional reaction, her son quickly added, “And now we’re together.”

Turk carefully chose his words, assuring his mother that they were meant to be together. “You took care of me, and now I take care of you,” he replied. We’ve always been blessings to one another. Her anguish was palpable when she asked her beloved boy, “Really? I forget, you see. Turk knew it wasn’t his mother’s fault if she couldn’t remember people and things, so he exhibited the same patience, care, and love that his mother did. She adopted him when he was three years old.

Turk assured her that everything was fine and that she shouldn’t cry because he understood and would be there to remind her whenever she forgot. She then inquired about his birth mother, Brenda, whose name she couldn’t recall due to Alzheimer’s disease. When he told his mother he was hers forever, she replied: “You’ve had a difficult life.

“Not at all. I could have, but you made sure I didn’t have a hard life,” Turk said, assuring his mother that taking him in had been the best decision of her life. “No, you raised me when you didn’t have to,” he said, taking advantage of the opportunity to compliment her. She then asked him how old he was when she took him in, to which he replied: “I was eight months old at the time. I’ve been yours for 35 years. »

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