The news was revealed by Richard Gere’s family

His performance in the iconic American Gigolo put him on the list of Hollywood’s sexiest actors, and even at the age of 73, actor Richard Gere hasn’t lost any of the charm that helped him make a name for himself as a heartthrob. Most importantly, he feels young and lives his life to the fullest. The A-list actor, best known for his roles in Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman, has three marriages.

He has two children with his current wife, Alejandra Silva. Silva is 33 years younger. She has always been open about their marriage, and this time she has been open about the tragic event that occurred during the family’s vacation in Mexico. Gere had been suffering from a cough prior to his vacation. However, his health is said to have deteriorated, forcing him to seek medical attention. Gere was diagnosed with pneumonia, according to TMZ.

The actor was admitted to the hospital for observation but was released the next day after being given antibiotics. Following the outpouring of love and support, Silva decided to put an end to the speculations and concerns by posting an update on her husband’s health on social media. “I woke up this morning and saw the news, as well as all of your kind and [worried] messages,” she captioned the post. “He’s recovering, and he’s feeling a lot better today!Silva went on to say, “The worst has already [passed]!” Thank you so much for your kind messages; we really appreciate them!

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